WiFi Access in Philippines

How to get WiFi Access in Philippines

The most popular provider for mobile WiFi access in Philippines are GLOBE & SMART. Both companies offer a nation-wide service. In Philippines the speed is much higher than in Thailand because Thais squabbling about revenue share. In some parts of the Philippines you will get 3.5G and generally at least 3G. For Internet browsing or to check emails this is fast enough.

In case you own an unlocked iPhone, the best option is to use GLOBE since they are the official iPhone service provider in the Philippines. Consult the GLOBE customer service. They will set-up your iPhone to work perfectly with GLOBE service. They don’t care that your iPhone is unlocked.

Another provider is SUN. They also offer 3.5G speeds. If you stay in Manila it is reputed that SUN has the best service there. They have concentrated their service in Metro Manila and they do operate more transmitters in Manila than GLOBE & SMART. However, outside Manila their service is weak.

All three offers come with USB dongle, and they will sell you a prepaid SIM card. You don’t require any ID, nor any work-permit, service plan or any contract. Nobody will ask about your name. Far better than in most other countries where you require lots of documents. You only have to buy the prepaid service.

Smart Bro WIFI Access in Philippines

I have always heard about Smart Bro WIFI Access for quite some time now but didn’t really pay much attention to it until such time when I realized that I would need a device that will be able to provide high speed Internet. Internet is essential in my daily life and I need it almost the whole day. This is the reason why I have decided to purchase Smart Bro Wireless Dongle.

wifi access in Philippines with Smart BroThe good thing about this device is that you can buy this relatively anywhere. It is available in all major shopping malls all around the Philippines. From what I have heard lately though, some can buy this already from small cell phone shops in some provinces and rural areas. It is very easy to use. You just have to plug it in your device and it will be installed automatically. You just have to click connect and in no time at all you can already connect to the Internet. Remember though that you need a SIM card you put it directly into the device. You can reload your SIM from some sari sari stores nationwide.

Usually this device comes with a free Five day Internet browsing. Once it runs out though you would have to reload it from time to time. Remember that there are some unlimited packages available depending on the price. Personally, I think reloading 200 that will give you unlimited Internet for five days is the most efficient package that you can buy.

Smart Bro WIFI Access – Remember the following codes:

UnliSURF 50

With Smart Bro UnliSURF 50, you’ll get to enjoy UNLIMITED surfing for 24 hours! Just text UNLISURF 50 to 2200 from your SmartBro account

UnliSURF 100

Get two whole days of UNLIMITED surfing fun with Smart Bro UnliSURF 100 and enjoy great savings! Just text UNLISURF 100 to 2200 from your SmartBro account

UnliSURF 200

Enjoy FIVE full days of UNLIMITED surfing plus unbeatable savings with Smart Bro UnliSURF 200! Just text UNLISURF 200 to 2200 from your SmartBro account.

Since I do not live in the Metro Manila area, I do not get the full signal of this device. It can be speedy at night but during daytime it can be a bit slow. I have been told though that it can be fast in some areas around the Philippines. It would be a good idea to inquire about this in Smart Wireless Centers located in different parts of the country. Inquiring about SmartBro will give you the information that you need to know about this device.

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