Think about Retiring in the Philippines

First of all, it is the largest English speaking country in the Asian world. The country is well known for its beautiful beaches, the hospitality of its people and the warm and friendly smiles that is given to strangers around the corner. Besides it offers a wide variety of entertainment from the exciting social night life to the serene beautiful golf courses, the International yet affordable fine restaurants around town to the stunning and overwhelming landscape and diving places wit a fantastic marine wildlife. Last not least, it is perhaps one of the cheapest places to live on earth. Facts about Philippines is – you will come to the right place to retire like a king.

Are you ready for retiring?

Are you ready for retiring? Start planning now for your retirement? It is best if you do your research well and try to compare the country with other places of your choice. It will be best if you explore and gather all important information for you to be able to make a well informed decision. Here you will find a good source of information for you since it has all the important information that foreigners should know if they decide to spend their retirement days in this beautiful island – Read more about .Retiring in Philippines

Things You Should Consider Before Retiring to the Philippines

You could probably have received transfer to a new city or are just bored with your old house and want a change of scenery. What really are some of the things you need to consider before retiring to the Philippines? For starters the climate; as it turns out the climate of the place you are intending to move to is very important especially if you suffer from conditions or diseases that get aggravated by some form of climate. The second most important thing to look out for is the opportunities in terms of income for you. You do not want to move to a new town and die of starvation as a result of being broke.

Are there Reasons not to Move to Philippines?

There are various reasons that can force you to consider resettlement or moving out of your current home or town. However sometimes it is good to also analyze the reasons as to why not to move Philippines. The first reason for not moving is when you have too many investments in the current place of residence and relocation would simply jeopardize your investments. Another very compelling reason for not moving is when you have health issues, this could range from having specific doctors or hospitals that can attend to you or climatic issues with the place you intend to move to. Moving is not something you should decide on a whim.

Cost of Retirement

Compared to other countries cost for living is low there. The relative indicator of consumer goods price, including groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities is less than half of that for New York City. That means the cost for this goods are more than 50% cheaper than in New York. So it’s not surprising that foreigners or expats will find the cost of retirement in Philippines very cheap compared to staying in United States, United Kingdom or other Western countries …

How much Money do you need to live in Philippines?

If you are planning to move then for sure you will wonder how much money you need to live comfortably. One thing, it is really hard to tell since it really depends on the individual. Living comfortably varies from one individual to another. What the other considers as living in comfort may not be with another. However let’s look at it in general view and let’s try to investigate on the general amount needed to live in this paradise. For an individual perhaps you can live about $500 to $600 a month but that’s not for everyone. Learn more about how much money do you need to live in Philippines

How to Live in Philippines a Good Life on a Tight Budget

The overseas countries have always carried the allure of a nice life, particularly when the country you are considering to move to is a western country. However things are not so pretty when you get there. Living on a tight budget is one of the survival skills you need to acquire just so to survive. Live in Philippines a good life on a tight budget is not so difficult you only need to watch how you spend your money, cutting back on luxurious items is one way of doing this. Additionally utilizing public transport is another way of going about it. With regards to living quarters finding roommates to share living costs can really improve your budget.

Is Philippines one of the Cheapest Places on Earth?

Philippines are certainly a contender for one of the cheapest places to live on earth. With rent for houses ranging in the 50 dollars region for a month, you will appreciate this considering there are places on earth where getting houses less than 150 bucks a month are a nightmare.

As a matter of fact cost of retirement in Philippines can be as low as 227 dollars per month! And you have not constrained yourself that much because you still get the trappings of the high life such as a maid, cable TV, Electricity and Tap water. And to cap it all you get food in those two hundred and twenty seven dollars. The most amazing part is that these costs can go further down the more you get used to the life over there! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? In my opinion Philippines is great place to retire, one of those really cheap countries to live in.

Retiring in Philippines vs Thailand – The Pros and Cons

Over the years foreigners have this eye for moving in Asian countries specifically these both countries. However, it’s hard to say which place is better, it’s simply depending on the individual. This article will discuss the pros and cons in living and retiring in these two beautiful countries. There is no best place for retiring – each country has its assets and drawbacks. It is our purpose to guide you to find your very best place to retire. So, let us take a look now at retiring in Philippines vs Thailand – The Pros and Cons…

Things to Consider Before Making Your Final Decision

It would be easy to say that you would like to live elsewhere when you retire so that you can live comfortably. However the place you would need to transfer to should be comfortable to your standards. What might be comfortable for others might not work for you. In order to make it easier for you to know whether you will be happy in a place or not, see this article. This contains a list of questions about different things to consider for retirement overseas that will guide you in making your final decision on where you would like to live when you retire from work.

Foreigners living in Philippines – Their Experience

Benefit from other expats – they share experience, things they have learned about living and retiring in that country. Get a deeper view into the life of foreigners who have decided to retire there. Perhaps you may get the answer for some of your questions. Go ahead and learn how Foreigners living in Philippines

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