Retirement in Philippines

What are the questions about Retirement in Philippines

Here are some of the most common questions that is often asked regarding living, visiting or retiring in Philippines. The answers to these questions will be tackled and answered in the next sections.

Working in the Philippines

Social Security Matters

  • Can I receive my Pension even if I move in the Philippines?
  • Banking Matters in the Philippines
  • Can I open a Philippine Bank account even if I am still in the US?
  • Can I use my Bank of America ATM card to withdraw in Philippine ATM?

Visa Issues

  • Do I need a Visa if I come to the Philippines?
  • What is a Balikbayan Visa?
  • Where do I go to take care of my passport?
  • What Visa does an American citizen need if he/she visits the Philippines?
  • An American is married to a Filipina and they have children.
  • What Visa does the children need if they live in the Philippines?
  • How long a foreigner can stay in the Philippines?

Driving in the Philippines


Real Estate in the Philippines


  • How can one become dual citizen both US and other country like the Philippine?

Health Care

General Questions about Retirement in Philippines

Answers to all these questions and much more you will find as well in the guidebooks listet below:


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