White Beach Moalboa - great place to retire

Why Moalboal in Philippines is a great Place to Retire

Even when I was younger, I always wished that I could live in another place wherein the sun would always shine on me. I have never liked the cold very much and as a result, I always looked forward to going to places with warmer climates. I have always wished that I could swim in bodies of water every time I would like and I could just lie down on the beach and feel the warm rays of the sun caressing my back. In tropical places, fruits are in abundance and are easier to obtain. There are also some fruits that only grow on tropical countries. These dreams have become a reality since I’ve decided on retiring in Philippines and live in Moalboal in Cebu Island.

Philippines comes with Cheap Cost of Living

Admittedly, Moalboal is probably not the most popular place in the Philippines as well as for living and retiring in Cebu. In fact you would have to locate it with a map if you want to know exactly where it is. It’s a bit near Cebu City which is more popular among tourists all over the globe. Moalboal is a peninsula in the Southwestern tip of Cebu. To the west it is bordered by the TaƱon Strait. From the western shoreline, Negros Island can be seen. Moalboal is located 89 kilometers (55 miles) from Cebu City, about 2.5 hours by bus. Its neighbor towns are Alcantara and Badian.

Street in Moalboal
Street in Moalboal

The reason why I like it very much is because I can live my dream there. It is an undiscovered paradise which holds a lot of wonderful things. The Philippines in general have a lot of wonderful places. The beaches there are a dream and are more beautiful than the other bodies of water that I have seen in the past.

The Philippine Islands are situated about 800 kilometers (500 miles) off the southeast coast of China, to the northeast of Borneo. it has more than 7,107 islands that have originated from volcanic activity form the island nation. Yet the total land mass is about the same as that of the state of Arizona. Only about 7% of the islands are larger than 1 square mile. Most of the islands here are still unnamed. However, there are three official large islands which are called: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

What makes the Philippines such a great place for Retiring

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is the largest city. It has a population of more than 10 million in the greater metro Manila area and 1.5 million in the city proper. Cebu City, the Philippines’ second-largest city, has nearly 1 million residents. As of July 2011, the country’s total estimated population was just about 100 million. Admittedly, the population is large enough but the country is not that big.

Since the Philippines is considered a tropical country, the weather is hot and humid. Cebu including Moalboal are protected by outlying islands from the fierce typhoon winds that beat on the island of Luzon most years. The rainy season runs from June through August. While most of the time the rains are not hard enough to make it hard for people to continue with the things that they have to do everyday. The country has been hit by heavy storms over the past years.

Manila and Cebu draw good numbers of foreign retirees from all over the world but mostly from the United States, England, and Australia, and a few from Germany. These are usually men who have already retired or are looking for a safe sanctuary from their usual lives. The reason why they choose the Philippines is because of the fewer money they need to live in Philippines. Most of the people have said that their income has stretched a lot when they moved. They were able to acquire things that they would not be able to acquire if they lived in their previous home.

Where to live in the Philippines as a Foreigner

It is already inevitable that some have fallen in love with the Filipinas in this country because of their warm and caring ways while others try to find romance in Philippines. Filipinas are very hospitable and kind especially to guests. Some foreigners have fallen in love not only with the country but with the people as well. Some have even formed families.

The cost of retirement in Philippines is relatively cheaper than that of other countries. Beautiful houses here can be bought for an average amount of money in dollars. You can also rent some houses here that are dirt cheap if you are compare it with prices in other countries. Admittedly, the nicer houses are located in the cities like Manila and Cebu. Here in Moalboal, the cost of living in Cebu is even lower. The apartments are relatively smaller but the payment for the bills are even smaller too.

There are times when the drawbacks of living in a small island is quite obvious. I cannot deny that there are times when I miss the hustle and bustle of the city. However, when I see my surroundings and the beauty of the sun setting against the ocean, I know that I am blessed to be given this opportunity to live in this beautiful country. I can live comfortably and at the same time see my dream come alive. This is truly the best place for me. You may never know but this can be the best place for you too.

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