Philippine Online Dating

Philippine Online Dating to find someone special

Wherever you are in the world, you already know that you always have the option to try online dating. This option is available for Philippines as well. However, most people stay away from trying it because it can be frustrating and difficult. Some people have said that they have only wasted their time trying to get to know someone only to find out that the person is not worth it.

Finding romance in the Philippines though can be similar if you would use the same approach with what you do with online dating. You can just be yourself and see if someone would be interested in you. However, there are some strategies that you can do to snag that Filipina woman you would like to get.

Work out the right strategy to get thhe most out of Philippine Online Dating

It is my personal opinion that I really like meeting other people online. While it is true that you would be able to see someone’s picture and you would get an idea how a person really looks like, you can learn more about the person if you would meet her online. Also, if you do less you would actually get more. This is because if you do not expect too much, that’s when you will be satisfied with the results.

In the long run you would realize that you do not need to post your most handsome photo. You also do not need to improve your profile tremendously. What you would need to do is actually just do trial and error until you get the right mix. After some time you would be getting a few hits every day.

Do remember that if you would like to join some online dating sites, you have to make sure if the site is free or not. If you are willing to pay then it’s up to you but it is best that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Where to Meet

If you are planning to meet up with the people that you meet online, it would be best to do the dates during day time and somewhere public. Some would prefer to meet up over coffee because this would give you the option to leave immediately if your date is not going as well as planned.

The reason why online dating is very popular among a lot of people is because of the fact that when you go online you would be able to meet different women with different purposes. You would be amazed with the number of bar girls who have profiles in online dating sites. Still, there are also some respectable women with careers who are just trying to find love. Still, these are the three categories of women in Philippine online dating sites:

A) Those who are trying to find new costumers

B) Those who are looking for love

C) Those who are looking for possible husbands

There are some techniques that you would have to do in order to figure out what kind of girl a person is when you are browsing her profile. Usually if she is young girl around 20 years old, looking for a man of all ages and posts sexy pictures of her almost nude or in skimpy bikinis, she’s probably girl A. However, if she looks decent in her photos and you can see that she really took the time to fix her profile, she’s probably girl B. These techniques will come in handy depending on the type of girl you are looking for.

Some tips you can follow to get success in Philippine online dating:

  • Make sure that you have more than one egg in your basket. That means show your interest in different girls at the same time. Don’t focus just on one girl because there is always a possibility that you will not get any response from her.
  • If you joined a paid membership website, look for girls who have also paid for their membership. Chances are, these girls are serious about looking for love.
  • New members are better because they probably have not gotten a lot of hits yet. They would give you more attention if they are not getting a lot of emails just yet.
  • Just send messages because this is more effective.
  • To make it less stressful, you can always make just one message and send it to different girls online.
  • It would be a good idea to have a good profile picture. Some of the girls there are a bit young and they might get scared easily.
  • Once you have already communicated with her, ask for her Yahoo Messenger address or your preferred chat site ID. This will make it easier for you to communicate with each other.

Foolproof strategy to work out exactly what makes a Philippine lady genuine:

  • A genuine lady doesn’t upload photos of herself in bikinis or seductive or sexual poses. The normal Philippine girl is conservative and religious, more reserved.
  • Genuine ladies hardly ever message first, particularly not with aggressive messages such as: “Hi babe, let’s chat”. If they start, they may say only something short like “Hello”. Besides they don’t post their cell phone number or email address in their profile.
  • A genuine lady doesn’t call herself “hot” or “sexy” or “naughty”. The normal Philippine girl is modest. Boasting is seen badly in their society.
  • Genuine ladies commonly expose something unfavorable in their profiles or preliminary messages. They’ll say “I’m a single mom” or “cute but not beautiful” or “I’m not that pretty girl”.
  • Genuine ladies don’t have nicknames such as sexyhot4u or email addresses like
  • Genuine ladies have standards. They will not state that they are in search of a guy of any age.
  • Genuine ladies do not offer sexy shows on web cams.
  • Genuine ladies do not talk about intending to find someone to get financial help or to support her. Above all they don’t continuously mention just how poor they are or whatever financial issues they are dealing with.
  • Genuine ladies will certainly still talk or meet you after you have actually stressed just how you never ever offer money do not count on supporting anyone.
  • Lastly, using online dating sites you aren’t most likely going to find a genuine appealing lady under 23 years old.

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