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Get inspired with modern design House in Philippines

This book is full of beautifully photographed and well-organized wonderful homes in the Philippines. Thus the range of model houses in Philippines covered is amazing. What is truly visible in this book is definitely the rich diversity and fusion of the different cultures – Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malaysian, and American – creating a Philippine cosmo-Asian blend. All things considered you will be sure to get inspiration from one of the many fine examples of East meets West design. Hence all the homes are fabulous and even if you aren’t thinking of redecorating, with all the stunning homes in min you will be after you finish it. Unlike many other books on Asian homes which focus only on either architectural design or the interiors, in the final analysis this one gives a good balance of both. In other words it’s a top pick for any interior design collection focusing on modern innovation. In summary this book provides you with great ideas about the modern design house in Philippines.


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