Panay Island - View to San Dionisio Iloilo from top of Mount Opao

Traveling to a Paradise called Panay Island

Panay Island is part of the Visayas in the Philippines. This island is composed of four provinces namely Aklan in the north, Antique with capital city San Jose de Buenavista in the east, Iloilo in the south and Capiz in the west. It is bounded by Sulu, Visayan and Sibuyan seas. In the southeast, Guimaras Strait is in between Panay and Negros Island.

First of all Iloilo is the favorite stopover of tourists who are heading to Aklan, Antique, Bacolod, Boracay, Guimaras or Negros Occidental. The city is culturally rich. Especially relevant are the festivals that they celebrated in the city and in its various towns. Consequently they are known to be the “Province of Festivals”. Especially Iloilo takes pride of its famous Dinagyang Festival.

The Customs House of Iloilo City
The Customs House of Iloilo City

The largest city of Panay Island is really a fast-growing city. Yet inspire of its modernization still it did not lose its old charm at all and has kept its environment unspoiled. As a result it has become a favorite venue for business meetings and conventions. In addition they have many high end accommodations to offer and a well maintained airport that equals international standards.

Visit the Sights of City of Iloilo

Especially the city is famous for its old churches and buildings which is a living proof of its rich cultural and history heritage. You can conveniently go from one place to another riding a jeepney, private vehicle or even a taxi. Although most of the sights are in the city proper and is just a walking distance from the other.

Panay Island - Boracay Beach
Boracay Beach

Most of all Aklan is famous for Boracay the leading tourist destination in the Philippines. Tourists from all over the world come to Boracay. Year after year, Boracay does not fail to attract more visitors from all over the world. Whatever adventure you want whether its in the water or up on the lands you sure will experience it all in Aklan.

Tourism in this part of Panay Island is really booming. Boracay is not the only destination in the province of Aklan that attracts most tourists but it has other towns where you find the most treasured gems like its capital city Kalibo, In Nabas the famous Bariw Festival is celebrated.

Things to do

In Madalag you can find old Spanish churches, Manimpa Falls and Monkey Bridge. New Washington is home to some prominent figure in the government, church and business. Buruanga is another great spot and of course enjoy the wild river adventure at Libacao.

Malumpati cold spring in Pandan
Malumpati cold spring in Pandan

If iyou are seeking adventure then the province of Antique is definitely for you. You will be enchanted by its beauty. The white beaches and waterfalls and magnificent mountains will surely take your breath away. Water activities like fishing and water kayaking is available. Aklan and Iloilo is the gateway to Antique if you choose to travel by land. You can take a bus or vans from Iloilo to San Jose its capital city and it takes abut three hours.

Roxas City Plaza at night
Roxas City Plaza at night

Capiz is known as the “Seafood capital of the Philippines”, The province takes pride of its eighty kilometer coastline and wide swampy area which is now turned into fishponds. So now you can understand why the province is hailed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. Take the chance to enjoy variety of seafood’s the whole year round.

You will have the option to visit several attractions like their local gardens, old Spanish churches and historical sites, Experience also their local festivals like Sinadya sa Halaran and Balintawakan. One famous outdoor activity here is spelunking. The province has plenty of caves waiting for you to explore. Accommodations like hotels, cottages and resorts are available mostly at Roxas City and even outside of the city.


Climate in Panay Island is diverse. Western half of Iloilo, Aklan and tip of Capiz experience dry and wet season. Dry season is from November to April and the rest of the months falls in the wet season. The rest of the island experience no distinct wet or dry season. Dry season usually last only a month to three month.

Getting There

If you are from outside the Philippines the primary gateway is Manila or Cebu. From Manila or Cebu you can travel by air to any airport of Panay Island. Major airlines like Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific, SEAIR and Zest Air service the area.

From Mindoro, Manila, Romblon and Palawan it’s easy to get access to the island by sea. Reach the island by sea if you prefer to travel by boat or even by land by taking Philtranco.

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There is great number of accommodations available. In addition you will find a wide range from cheap hotels to expensive ones. There are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most recommended hotels in the island are: Roxas President’s Inn in Roxas City, Iloilo Business Hotel in Iloilo city, San Antonio Resort in Roxas City, and Hotel del Rio in Iloilo City. If you are confuse where to stay then follow the links below to find those hotels that will match your standard and budget.

Where To Eat

Whether you want some Filipino dishes, or international cuisines, hence will find it in most restaurants in Iloilo and many other places in the island. One thing for sure, never leave the place without tasting their special delicacies. Check out some of the best and most recommended restaurants. First of all visit the Coco Veranda Bar and Grill in Roxas City, Breakthrough Restaurant, Deco’s in Iloilo City and many more.

Tourist Attractions

Again the most popular tourist destination in Panay is Boracay in the northwestern part of region. It’s fact that hundreds of thousands visitors come to Boracay every year. In addition to the beautiful beaches in many parts of the island you can also find massive structure of churches like the church in Miagao which is known as World Heritage Site. Furtermore you may also explore Sampaguita Gardens in Kalibo, Bulabog Putian National Park, Museums, Ancestral Houses and many more.

Festivals and Events

There are lots of festivals celebrated but one of the most popular festivities celebrated is Ati-Atihan in Kalibo. In Iloilo the Dinagyang event is the most awaited festival. Therfore both locals as well as foreigners travel to Panay just to enjoy such celebrations. Further events in Iloilo are Paraw Regatta, Gala of the Bulls, Pasungay Festival and of course the famous Flores de Mayo.

Map of Panay Island: