Making A Living in the Philippines


Things to consider making a living in the Philippines

Many of you may consider running a small business in the Philippines either as a form of revenue to supplement your retirement funds, increase your main source of income or to keep you busy during your retirement years. At the same time others may be thinking of setting up family members in a business of their own. In other words to help them provide for themselves and perhaps ease the often never-ending demands for financial help.

Whatever your reasons and whatever your business inspirations may be, doing business in the Philippines comes with some interesting challenges unique to the culture and economy. Nevertheless, there are a lot of traps for the unwary, the inexperienced, the trusting and even the hard bitten and well experienced one too. Forewarned is forearmed and the information in this book has been compiled at the expense of the dreams and aspirations. Not to mention bank balances of not only of the author, but many others too who have gone before you.

You’ll find also lot of information regarding government regulations and requirements you need to keep an eye on when opening or running business. After all this book is based on the experience of the writer and numerous other expats. Therefore it makes up an excellent source for all who consider operating a small business an making a living in the Philippines.


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