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Living and Retiring in the Philippines

Philippines is becoming famous internationally. Nowadays more and more foreigners from different countries consider to spend their golden days in this beautiful archipelago. Most people may wonder why living and retiring in the Philippines? First of all these questions can be answered in the next sections.

One sure thing why people consider about living and retiring in the Philippines is because of its cost of living.  Cost is much lower compared in the Western countries and even in other countries. You can live comfortably in the Philippines for just a small percentage of the cost of living in most other countries. It will be a new experience to to be a part of a new culture and be with warm loving people who always extends a hand to help.

This is the very reason why retirees from other countries would want to spend the rest of their golden days in that country. Why struggle for average living in their own country when they can live comfortably and abundantly in the Philippines? It is just like you are on holiday where you enjoy the sun and sand anytime you want.

Explore the Places for Living

This tropical island has lots of places to explore and it will take a lifetime to explore. Living and retiring in the Philippines promotes a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. There are of course cultural differences that you have to go through. But even that you get use to with time and learn to adjust which makes life in this island a much better one.

Indeed Philippines has much to offer than other Asian countries. You will even read and hear stories of Western man finding their love in the Philippines. Many foreigner living there made a dream come true when they found their love, get married and start a family. Many might wonder why Filipinas captures the hearts of most westerners. For one Filipinos are warm hearted and hospitable by nature. In general Filipinas are family oriented and value their family a lot.

Philippine Government welcomes You

Because of the growing number of foreigners in the country, the Philippine government encourages foreigners to stay in the country by offering them a special kind of visa. If you want to know if Philippines is for you then you can always spend a vacation there. We recommend you to choose a time share rental instead of well known resorts. This way you can fully experience what living in the Philippines is. And what it would be like to live there for the rest of your life. You sure will encounter lots of surprises and you get a glimpse of real living in the Philippines.

There are quite a number of islands in the Philippines which are suitable destination for any retirees. You can live comfortably for $900 and even lower each month in rural provinces in the Philippines. Some of the famous places in the Philippines which Americans and other nationalities in the world considers as the best retirement destination. These places are Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Angeles City and many more. Read further on to get to know more important facts about the Philippines.

Find out how you can live a lifestyle you have never dreamed of!

So why struggle a hard life in your country when you can live like a king in the Philippines? But is this really possible? Can you really enjoy the lifestyle that you often dream of? This is certainly true, living in the Philippines is just like extending your holiday. As you know the Philippines is one of the leading tourist destination in the world. So living in this tropical island is just like having a long vacation. It has lots to offer when it comes to different types of entertainment as well as activities. There are about seven thousand plus islands for you to discover. You sure won’t be able to explore this in your lifetime.

Domestic help can be very expensive in your country but in the Philippines you can have one for just $50 a month. Accommodations as well as food here is relatively cheap among other necessities in life. Alcohol drinks is quite cheap here compare to your own back home. This is one downside for foreigner because they tend to drink a lot because alcoholic drinks are very cheap.

You can indeed live like royalty here. That is why most retirees who are struggling with their pensions in their country find the Philippines to be very attractive. Aside from all this comfort, retirees from other countries are given the opportunity to enjoy what Filipino residents can like owning some property and doing business or even work here in the Philippines.

Information about traveling, working, living and retiring in the Philippines

Because of the growing number of foreigners who are interested in traveling, retiring, living or even working in the Philippines, we provide for you complete information about the Philippines. This is why we have launched “Why Philippines”.We will always do our best to inform you in making the Philippines your home.

We have created “Why Philippines” to deliver you the complete information regarding, traveling, living, retiring and working in the Philippines. As well we have included information called “Single Men Guide”. That may help single travellers to get a better idea of the Philippines: How to travel to there, where to stay and what things to avoid.

“Why Philippines” provides you with facts about the Philippines and the disadvantage and advantages that you get when you decide to stay for good in this tropical island. We do hope you will find here the answers to all your questions about traveling, living and retiring in the Philippines. If there is anything you will miss please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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