Life in Philippines - Love in the Philippines

How to find Love in the Philippines

Anyone considering to move to the Philippines would be well advised to take a look into this very well written and thoroughly researched book about making a new life in the Philippines. It’s a down to earth guide with absolutely no nonsense information. The book works not only for dummies, it works for intelligent guys as well, you probably may laugh a bit more with the author’s sense of humor and transparency.

A Man’s Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines” is the perfect guidebook for any guy in the middle age, divorced and alone and absolutely not ready to give up on fun. It’s perfect for anyone who’s intention is to find a younger sexy wife, possibly in the Philippines. It’s the right guide for anyone who gave up any hope of finding a younger woman in his own country. This guide can help you to find your special someone in the Philippines and bring her back to your own country. As well it can help you to make a new life together with a younger sexy wife in that beautiful tropical country.

If you are thinking about living or retiring to the Philippines this guide contains all the practical information you need to know about. No matter, what you are looking for, you’ll find an abundance of information.

The guide provides you with these great topics:

  • How to find the best places for expats to live
  • What you need to know about Immigration and Visa regulations
  • How to find your special someone
  • Why Philippine Women are looking for foreigners
  • Making a life for yourself in the Philippines
  • How much does it cost to live in the Philippines
  • How to live like a king in your new life
  • The legal system and staying out of trouble
  • All about medical care
  • And much more…

In conclusion this very well rated guidebook is a must read for anyone serious about visiting the Philippines. In any case it’s the perfect guide if you have the intention of meeting a woman and maybe settle down there.

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