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How to find Health Insurance in the Philippines

Health Insurance in the Philippines is just one way of cutting cost in cases they will have accidents or fall critically ill. Additionally It helps lessens the load of hospital bills however it still depends on the insurance coverage you have. In other words you have be very careful and wise when you choose your health insurance. There are plenty of health insurance companies in the Philippines and there are health plans that can be use internationally so that wherever you are you are sure that your health is well taken care of and secure.

Fortunately the health care system in the Philippines has improved a lot however. There are still health problems but nothing that the government cannot manage. At the present time most Filipinos are now assured of the best services and the Philippine government has provided programs that protect the life and health specifically the poor ones. The government has affordable health insurance which is Phil health and this is available to Filipino citizens only. Foreign nationals should try to get international health insurance or they can get one of the local health insurance plan.

Best Health Insurance Companies for Expats

Below you find some of the best health insurance companies for expats available in the Philippines.

  • Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. This company gives you the option to have a Peso plans or Dollar plans and they offer it to families, groups and individuals. If you choose the Dollar Plans you have categories like Blue Royal Duo Protect, Blue Royale Premier and Blue Royale. With Peso Plans they offer options like Select Access, Select Standard, Select Plus and Premier. Visit their website for more information regarding their policies and cost of each plan (
  • Caritas Health Shield. It is one of the leading health insurance in the Philippines. Visit their website for more information (
  • Insular Life Health Care,Inc. or I-Care. It provides members with the best health care programs. Visit their website for more information (
  • Maxicare Health Care Corporation. They provide a good social insurance over the years. Refer to their website for more information (

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