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Knowing the Basic Facts about Health Care in Philippines

Anywhere you move, one of the most important things you consider are the country’s health care. More and more people from abroad have set their eyes in the Philippines as a possible haven. The marked increased of tourists in the country as well as immigrants have moved the Philippines government to strive and put their facilities and services at competitive quality with other countries. Health care in Philippines is cheap yet it delivers the high quality when it comes to medical technology and procedures.

Philippine Health Issues

The Philippines belong to the third world countries. Just like any third world country the country is also struggling from some health issues like the use of illegal drugs. Plenty of Filipinos are involved with the use of illegal drugs. But the government has dealt with this problem and fortunately the number of drug dependents has markedly decreased.

health care medicineAnother leading health issue is malnutrition. Studies have been conducted and it showed that great number of Filipinos suffers from malnutrition and you can find this among the poor ones. To respond to this issue, a Philippines sector offers projects to help poor Filipinos from starvation.

Other health issues in the country are cases of dengue fever, but most of this case happens in rural areas. There are no concerns regarding this matter since most cases are well attended by the government.

Despite the health issues like malnutrition and drug dependency in the country, still the health care in Philippines is of good quality. Although you cannot really consider their facilities as the most modern especially those in the rural areas. However, there are hospitals especially those found in the major cities like Manila where you can find some of the best Philippine Hospitals like the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Medical City, Makati Medical Center and Asian Hospital.

What is about the Hospitals

You definitely have lots of options when it comes to hospitals. Especially if you go to their metropolitan cities. Philippines have both public or government hospitals and private hospitals. Their public hospitals do deliver the same quality care than private hospitals. Some people think that public hospitals do not really deliver the best care. However, know that most of the well trained physicians have once served the government hospitals.

Perhaps the difference between public and private hospitals is that most public hospital lacks the facility and latest medical technology unlike private care institutions. However, most of the people still seek advice in these public hospitals since it is free of charge. For private hospitals you can find plenty of it especially in major cities in the country. Tertiary hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology today, but they are quite expensive unlike public hospitals.

Best Health Care Facilities in the Philippines

The best health care facilities are found in Manila with some offering high quality care. However, foreigners especially Americans should not expect to find the same care or even comfort compared to their hospitals back home. The two leading hospitals in the county according to the US Embassy you will find in Manila area.

Hospitals in the Provinces

There is indeed a great difference if we talk about the hospitals in the provinces or in the rural areas compared to hospitals found in major cities. Hospitals in the rural areas offer limited services or treatments. Most of the times, if you need a complicated procedure you have to go to hospitals in Manila or even abroad. Many hospitals in these areas only offer basic medical care.

Almost all hospitals ask for a down payment when you get admitted. They accept different medical insurances, but local hospitals do not accept US health insurance policies although most of these US insurers will be reimbursed with the hospital charges. Sadly, you can only be discharged in the hospitals after paying all your bills for private hospitals. However there are some exceptions although it is just very few.

The two leading private hospitals found in Manila are St. Luke’s Hospital and Makati Medical Center. There are plenty of public and private hospitals all over the country. Depending on your chosen location you surely will find one there. If you want a list of government, private and other medical facilities then you can check out the Department of Health’s Hospital List (

Also you can refer to the identified hospitals, doctors in most regions for immediate medical assistance by the US Embassy. You can check out the list here (

Medical Practitioners in the Philippines

Generally speaking you should know that you are in good hands when it comes to medical practitioners. Most of these professional medical practitioners are graduates from top universities in the country. Furthermore a lot of them have their degree in United States medical schools. Also there are doctors who have practice their profession in the United States before finally settling back here in the Philippines and share their expertise here in their country.

In general there is a great demand abroad for Filipino nurses. It’s just because they are well trained and nursing schools here are of high standards so that their products are also highly professional nurses. You can clearly see t since most of nurses in the United States are Filipinos.

Dental Services

Dentistry in the country bases in the US system so that you can expect competent staff and professional dentists here. Just imagine, it takes seven years regular for you to become a dentist. Two years they focus in preparatory and five years of the dentist course. For you to specialize in a specific field, you have to spend another two tears for further study after graduating. Dentist have the options to continue their studies abroad like in Japan or United States or if not then study at Manila Central University. After graduating you are given the title of DDM or Doctor of Dental Medicine or DDS which Doctor of Dental Surgery.

The largest association of professional dentist is The Philippine Dental Association. In order to practice dentistry it is required that a dentist should be part of this association. Also one must have a professional license from the PRC or Professional Regulation Commission for one to be able to practice its dentistry profession in the Philippines. Philippine dentists definitely undergoes rigorous training and most of the Philippine dentists are western trained which means they obtained their training and further study or specialties abroad.

They are well informed with the newest dental technology and procedures thus their clinics are fully equipped with the latest facilities. What is even attractive is the fact that dentistry in the Philippines is a lot cheaper compared to other countries abroad. You certainly can make a lot of savings if you have your dental works here.

Affordable Dental Care in Philippines

Figures show that you can save around 81% in the cost of laminate veneer crown made of ceramic in the Philippines. For tooth whitening you get to save about 80% and about 45% for root canal treatment. Indeed the cost of dental implants, restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the country is definitely competitive and the quality of service has been just excellent.

You can find plenty of dental clinics in the Philippines. It depends on your location. But most of the prominent or leading dental clinics you will find in major cities. Here are some of the best dental clinics. Mostly you will find them in Metro Manila area:

  • Sacred Heart Dental Clinic at Caloocan City (,
  • Cruz-Audea Dental Clinic at San Mateo Rizal (,
  • Bites n Smiles Dental Clinic at Makati Manila (,
  • Bracedental (,
  • Maximo A. Lim Dental Clinic at Sampaloc Manila (,
  • Lorenzo Dental Clinic (
  • and M.L. Santos Dental Cosmetics and TMJ Center (

Philippine Emergency

For any Philippine emergencies, there is standby ambulance to serve any emergency situation. They have a hotline number where one can call in times of emergency. All hospitals offer the newest first aid treatments.

Medicines and Pharmacies

There are over a thousand pharmacies in the Philippines that provide medicines approved by Bureau of Food and Drug. Most of this pharmacies employed well trained professional pharmacist from top medical schools in the country. The Philippines is quite strict with prescription drugs, you cannot get one unless prescribed by your doctor. Over the counter drugs you can get from most pharmacies here however newest medicines may not be available specifically blood pressure, contraceptives and anti depressants medications.

Cost of Hospitalization and Medicines

Compared to other countries, hospitalization in the Philippines is not that expensive as well as their medicines. Both foreigners and locals can attest to the fact that medicines are very affordable here. So if you are thinking to move to Philippines then health care is one reason to choose that place. Health care in the Philippines you can definitely afford. And you can really trust on the doctors who are well trained at their profession.

Medical Tourism in the Philippines

Medical tourism is definitely gaining popularity all over the world. Visitors from all over the world now come to the Philippines for leisure as well as their medical needs. The most common procedures include cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, weight loss surgery and dermatology.

Because of its world class doctors and modern technology and not to mention the Filipino way of caring for just a fraction of cost compared to other developed countries, it is no wonder that most foreign nationals prefer to come to the Philippines.

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