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Tagaytay Philippines: Retirement in the cool Mountains

Tagaytay Philippines is not only one of the most popular vacation destinations, but also attracts many retirees who want to spend their remaining years in the beautiful surroundings. Although only about a one hour’s drive away from Metro Manila, the town in the mountains, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility away from any hustle and bustle of the city.

Tagaytay lies at an altitude of 640 meters on a ridge that runs along the north side of the beautiful Taal lake and the Taal volcano. Unlike Metro Manila, the air here is clean and the climate pleasantly. Summer temperatures are moderate throughout the year. It is one of the few places in these latitudes, where you don’t need air conditioning or heating due to the mild, not tropical temperatures.

Things to do in Tagaytay Philippines

The mild highland climate makes Tagaytay a popular destination for seniors who want to enjoy their evening of life in a fantastic nature. The possibilities for nature lovers are diverse. Whether you want to climb the peak of the Taal volcano on the back of a horse, or as a hiker or mountain biker to explore the area. Picnics, golfing, swimming, outdoor barbecues or just working in the garden are only a few of the many leisure activities or hobbies you can pursue here. However, there is a shortcoming: the cost of living in Tagaytay City is much higher than in most other Philippine regions such as Bohol, Dumaguete, Cebu or Davao City but still cheaper than Manila.

View from Tagaytay to the Taal Volcano
View from Tagaytay to the Taal Volcano

Tagaytay’s development to a major vacation spot has already begun decades ago. Already in the year 1937 the “Taal Vista Lodge” opened its doors. The construction of the Aguinaldo Highway, a modern, well-developed transport line connecting Tagaytay with Manila, was started early.

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The authorities have also done a great deal to promote tourism in the region. Contrary to other regions in the Philippines, the place looks comparatively wealthy. Around the Taal Lake and also the road down to the more distant Laguna Bay line you can find many beautifully designed and well-kept facilities. Due to its proximity to Metro Manila it is hardly surprising that many successful businessmen from Manila own a holiday apartment in Tagaytay and come here on every occasion.

residential area
Urban Residential District


Things to know about Tagaytay Philippines

The center of the city is rather small, but the urban area covers an area of about 66 square kilometers. The population density is very low. Everything is very spacious and rarely you find houses, which are crowded together. However, this also means that you can hardly get along without your own means of transport. Owning a car or a motorcycle is simply a must. The roads are quite well developed and except for the weekends also little traffic.

house for rent
For example: House for rent

Although the cost of living in Tagaytay City is higher than in most other regions of the Philippines, the place is also interesting for less affluent retirees.

For example, the semi-detached house with 2 bedrooms you can see here on the left you can rent already for 15,000 pesos monthly plus ancillary costs at the conclusion of an annual contract.

Entry and stay in the Philippines are completely without problems. Already upon arrival at the Ninoy Aqquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, passengers will receive a “Visa on Arrival” with a validity of 30 days. The visa can be extended easily up to a maximum stay of 24 months. After expiring you have to apply for new visa.

Special Resident Retiree Visa” (SRRV) Program

With the “Special Resident Retiree Visa” (SRRV) program, the Philippines also offers the cheapest and most attractive offer for retirees in the whole of Southeast Asia. The financial requirements are low and the duration of the stay is practically guaranteed.

Staying in the Philippines offers a whole range of benefits. Thus, pensioners who settle down here can take up work, run a business and hire employees. As well they can go to school, buy an apartment or a house, but no land. And they can’t finance any property with mortgages. In contrast to Thailand, there are hardly any restrictions for foreigners in the Philippines. Foreign pensioners benefit from almost all the privileges that are granted to local people.

Even older people with chronic diseases are welcome. In addition, the government provides even more incentives for retirees over 60 years of permanent residence to the Philippines. For example, a Senior Card is available. With that card you can save a great deal of money on everything from purchasing groceries to restaurants, up to medical treatments.

With all the perks, it is hardly surprising that over 27,000 retirees have taken advantage of the SRRV program in addition to the many foreigners with a normal visa in the Philippines.

Enjoy living in Tagaytay Highlands

In Tagaytay itself, there is a small community of a few hundred foreigners who have settled here. Some of them already live here for many years. Many of the expats meet regularly in the evening to eat and drink and exchange experiences.

main street in the city
Main Street in the City of Tagaytay

In case you speak English, you do not have any problems living here. English is one of the official languages in the Philippines and throughout the cities the locals speak fluent English. The medical care in the city is very good. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here is the right place. Distributed over the area, there are numerous fitness studios and wellness centers. Numerous shops and markets offer organic products of the region. In other words Tagaytay is an excellent choice for all retirees. It’s the perfect place to spend your sunset years here while relaxing in the Philippines. With moderate living costs you can enjoy your life in peace and tranquility. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Europeans love the very mild temperate climate. The proximity to a metropolis like Manila is another plus point for your retirement in that beautiful place.

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