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Amazing Sights of Davao Philippines to Experience First Hand

There are many landscapes that you will experience as well as beautiful scenic. This destination is just a flight of less than 2 hours away from Metro Manila. It is also popular with several plantations as well as farms of orchids. You will get to see first hand the volcano and amazing land formations e.g. valleys. You will find many forests which are home to many varied animal species. Consequently, you will see coral islands which are filled with marine life lying flat on the sea. You probably also know that the tallest mountain in Philippines is in Davao.

People living there come from many different parts of the provinces from all parts of the country. There are also many expatriates from different parts of the country. They all actually exist in harmony to each other in this city. The general perspective about these people is that they are migrant dwellers.

You will find several native tribes living in the city. Most of them live by the ways of their forefathers.

Davao Philippines on the way to become modern City

Of late the city is increasingly becoming modernized with increased economic growth a consequence of the islands which are rich in mineral resources. This is one of the major factors which can be attributed to the increased economic hub. It has many different industries in Mindanao. Nevertheless, the city is struggling between the old world and the new world.

Davao has many districts with businesses and posh villages. Not to mention many millionaires.lives there. However, the outer parts of Davao, its atmosphere and environment are very rural. You will find many hills with valleys at the end due to the large landscape resulting from mount Apo. It is the grandfather of all the mountains in Philippines. Most of the inhabitants of mount Apo are of Mandaya, Bagobo, Manobo and Bilaan tribes. These tribes belong to the ethnic Philippine tribes.

Davao is a rich destination harboring beautiful blessings from nature. Actually the main festival of the city is Kadayawan a seasonal festival, It shows the world its bounty. There are many natural resources as well as rich cultural heritage. People celebrate this feat in the month of August. Normally it’s a very long merrymaking feast which can last for a week. This is done in honor of the different tribes living there.

There are a lot of dancing as well as traditional songs and games. This merry making is accompanied by trade fair and it ends with floats of fruits and flowers being made. There are dozens of international competitions which are also held in the city at night like singing contests and dancing contests.

The biggest industry is agriculture

This is a region where there are many experts which mostly comprise of agricultural products for instance bananas, mangosteens as well as citrus. This region is a major producer of cultured flowers. The water is mostly surrounded with marine animals.

Davao is the biggest city by land area. It covers 244,000 hectares. The national bird of Philippines is the Philippines Eagle. It is a very majestic and regal bird. It has white plumes with gray areas. Consequently, the eagle has sharp eyes with curved beaks and 8ft wing span. It is considered an endangered species and there has been established one of the biggest eagle conservation centre which is a 45 minutes drive from the city.

The province is culturally rich with the land having plenty of animals and plants. There is a great balance between man and nature. These are just some of the reasons why Davao is a popular destination for vacation seekers.

Experience the magnificence of Davao with its Durian

If you have never been to Davao, you need not to worry yourself. After learning of its magnificence, you will find the enthusiasm that you need to visit this amazing place. You cannot possibly go to there and fail to eat Durian it will be great injustice to your quest or adventure. Revelers commonly describe Durian as the fruit that “foul as hell but tastes like heaven.”

Many tourists learnt of this place in one of their business tours or visits, conventions or better still meetings. However, until you have tasted the delectable meat of this creamy Durian as well as savoir it in your mouth, you cannot possibly prove t anyone that you have been to Davao.

You can only experience Durian in its peak in the month of August or September. This is the time it is mostly paraded and highlighted during the Kadayawan. During this time of the years, you can buy this fruit at very low price everywhere in the city. You cannot find it easily any other time. Outside this period, you can only get Durian at select places in fruit stall.

After all if you visit Davao Philippines, or you plan on visiting that place, remember that you should not leave without experiencing or tasting this great fruit – Durian.

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