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What makes Davao City a great Place to visit

If you are looking for a place that you can visit in the Philippines then you might want to try out Davao City. One of the concerns of foreigners about the country is its crime rate. If this concerns you a lot, you will be glad to know that this place is one of the most crime-free area in the whole country.

The reason for this is because you do not have to rely solely on police guards and security. The people around you concern for the safety of everyone. They would want to make sure that you are safe at all times. The basic languages spoken here are Bisaya or Cebuano. However, if you do not know how to speak the language, you do not have to panic because they also use English and Tagalog.

How to Get to Davao City

Like some areas in the Philippines, the airport in Davao also welcomes a lot of tourists whether local or foreign to their city. In fact it is the 3rd busiest airport in the Philippines. You are able to make a lot of local trips to Davao every single day. Some would have to take multi connected flights to go there.

Depending on your country or where you are coming from however, it is also possible to arrive in Davao through direct flight. The airport has actually been renovated back in 2003. The renovation has gone well apparently because a lot of people agrre that it’s even better than the Airport in Manila. If you want a direct flight, you may want to try arriving from Singapore. So far that is the only foreign airport that has direct flight to Davao City.

Getting around is fairly easy with the abundance of cabs and other transportations.

You do have the option to walk to the highway which takes about 5-10 minutes. You can catch a Jeepney there that will take you to the town proper.

If you are interested in local seafaring, you will not be disappointed since Davao also has a busy sea port. Some of the companies that has trips going to Davao are the following:

  • Sulpicio Lines (Twice weekly via Cebu)
  • WG&A Super Ferry (Twice weekly ferries from Manila to Davao) – Remember that this can take up to two days.

By Bus

Some foreigners have already been accustomed to riding the bus so riding the bus will not be a problem. There are different buses which are usually located in Mindanao. These buses usually stop at Davao City.

Getting Around

Bus from Davao City to Butuan CityIt is already obvious that riding taxis would be the easiest way to get around the area. Most of the time, common fare is about 70-95 PHP. This is approximately about 2 US Dollars. Remember that if people in Davao will not realize that you are a tourist, they won’t change the prices. Most foreigners still pay like locals.

Davao taxi drivers have already been regarded as the most honest cab drivers in the Philippines. Unlike their counterparts in Cebu or Manila, they are honest and will not charge you extra fees. Remember that if you know the street that you would like to go to, it would be easier for the taxi driver to navigate.

Usually, starting fee is at 40 PHP or approximately 1 US dollar. After a few hundred meters they charge an extra 3.50 PHP. Drivers would appreciate it if you would say “Thank You.” or “Salamat” once you are already at your destination.


If you would like to become more adventurous, you may start so by trying out riding the colorful Jeepneys like the locals. The good thing about Jeepneys is that they are very cheap. You just have to make sure that you know exactly where you are going because Jeepneys have different routes.

You would not like to get lost in the middle of nowhere. To pay, simply say “Bayad Po” and pass it to the person next to you until it reaches the driver of the Jeepney. If you want to stop at a certain place, you just have to say “Para Po.” or “Tabi na lang po.”

By Car

Another alternative to get around the place is to rent a car. There are actually a lot of car rental areas in Davao. You just have to choose which car you would like to rent.If you do not know the streets and would like a driver to come with the rental, that is also possible.

Remember that local rental companies will usually charge less than National or bigger companies. You may opt to choose local companies to save up on money.

By Bus

Bus are available but they tend to just navigate north – south route. They usually just go in and out of the city area.

Water Taxis

This is another mode of transportation which you cannot find in other places. The water taxi is also popular here in Davao. What it can do is take you around the Davao Gulf. Riding water taxis can take you to Samal Island or other small establishments that are within the gulf. Some also use the water taxi to go to a certain beach area.


SM Mall in DavaoLike Cebu and Manila, there are big shopping malls in Davao as well, for example SM Mall, NCCC Mall etc.

Most of these malls have cinemas and all malls have supermarkets wherein you can buy grocery items for your everyday needs while you are in the area. Shops for electronic device and all kinds of restaurants you will find there as well.

Due to security reasons, the security guards in shopping malls must check every person that enters the mall. There are separate lines for male and female.


Davao is well renowned for the abundance of certain fruits here that cannot be found in other places in the Philippines. Right now though, Pomelos are being shipped to Manila and Cebu as well but Durians are still in Davao. Eating Durian might not be up to par with what you have been accustomed to especially if you have already tasted the Cebu Mango which is very different from the Durian. However, a lot of people say that the smell is much different from how it tastes like. Just remember though that some establishments and hotel do not let their guests bring in Durians because of the smell.


You do not have to worry about accommodations here because their hotels and inns vary greatly depending on your budget. Just to name a few, some of the most popular ones are the following:

Marco Polo Hotel located at Claveria

Royal Mandaya Hotel located at Ponciano

Grand Regal Hotel

Casino Filipino (Both are located at Lanang)

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