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Why Philippines offers you a simple way to contribute your own story, your opinion, articles, travel reviews, event reports, cultural experience, about living and retiring in Philippines or business ideas including your photo images in a friendly, popular website for tourists and expats.

No matter if it is pleasant, terrific or terrible, contribute your own story to let others know about your finding; share any unusual or funny facts about the Philippines including spectacular shots of local people, cultural event or nature or you experienced an unforgettable adventure in Philippines.

Your message will be seen by thousands of travelers, expats and locals looking for cutting-edge information about Philippines.

If you run a business in Philippines, we invite you to tell us about it. Reveal some of your smaller secrets and share your big passion with the world.

Submission Guidelines for News, Articles and Images

To contribute your own story, your articles, news or photo images at Why Philippines, please follow these simple rules:

  • First of all, don’t send us purely advertising materials! We welcome contributions about businesses, which are really useful for tourists or expats in Philippines. However we don’t accept obvious promotions like “Cebu Beach Restaurant provides great food at the best prices!”
  • Furthermore your contribution should be descriptive and should contain facts, place names and, if possible, dates.
  • A good image is an excellent way to focus reader’s attention to your contribution. We strongly recommend you to attach 2-3 images to your message.
  • Please note: We don’t accept sexually explicit or racially offensive content. The content must not violate copyright laws.
  • Send us your texts in MS-Word format (.doc) and images in .jpg. The maximum size of your attachment shouldn’t exceed 1 Mb.

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All contributions at Why Philippines are free, except for special advertising purposes. Why Philippines cannot guarantee that your contributions will be published. Our editorial team reserves the right to edit or cancel contributions at our own discretion.

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