Rafting Cagayan de Oro City

Magnificence of Cagayan de Oro City of Golden Friendship

Cagayan de Oro is located in the northern parts of Mindanao Island in Philippines. The city is cradled between invigorating Kitanglad mountain range and tranquil Macabalan Bay. You can reach the city through means of land, sea and air. Flights are normally taken from Manila and these flights from Manila to Cagayan De Oro are daily scheduled. On the other hand, ships sail to the city once in a week.

Nevertheless, within reach or Mindanao vehicles like cars, buses travel 24 hours to the city and from the city. This gives you a wide variety of choice. There are much more that are in offer particularly pertaining to tourist destinations in Philippines. There are many things you can do and tourist spots you can visit when in Cagayan de Oro City.

Attractions of Cagayan de Oro

For instance Barangay Mambuaya is a popular tourist spot with its Monigue Cave. The entrance of the cave flows with water which originated from the underground stream. However the entrance is very narrow and even visitors have to completely submerge themselves in water for them to enter. You will find beautiful formations of stalagmites and stalactites which will really amaze you.

Tribal Houses in Malasag Eco Village
Tribal Houses in Malasag Eco Village

Malasag Eco-Tourism Village as well as Garden is a popular tourist spot in the city. This is a living museum which mainly depicts various ethnic Northern Mindanao tribes. You can take a walk in Malasag Hills is one great way of admiring the coastline and Macalajar Bay.

Besides there are many other tourist spots in Cagayan De Oro. One great one is the Macahabmbus Adventure Park; this will add the excitement to your trip. The park spans 120m long and 120ft high Sky Bridge. This is amidst the century old trees which overlook Macahambus Gorge. You can also try what other visitors have tried before, to rappel down the gorge.

Enjoy Whitwater Rafting

Whitewater River Rafting is another great tourist spot. I is the only white water rafting destination in Philippines. It is navigable all year round. You will experience 3 hours run of 14 rapids from classes 3 – 4.

If you find it tiring to paddle, you can relax in the city’s tourist spot of Pinoy River Rafting. This is a 2 ½ hour ride and you do not have to paddle. You just have to sit and continue enjoying the view.

Mapawa Nature Park is one of the major tourist spots which you will really find great for family adventure. You can take a swim or picnic in the small waterfalls. Trekking the mini forest as well as the big waterfalls will be a very enjoyable venture. You can also go horseback riding, camping as well as rappelling.

Those who ante a taste of sports, there is a world class golf course. The world renown designer Robert Trent Jones II has built the course. He is the one who designed the Cagayan de Oro City which is known as Pueblo de Oro Golf & Country club.

You can also attend Xavier University of Cagayan City. It houses the Xavier Museum which displays historical artifacts of this place. You will also find human skeletal remains dating to 377 AD.

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Map of Cagayan de Oro

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