Taoist Temple in Cebu City Philippines
Cebu City Philippines is one of the most popular places in Visayas. It is known as Queen City of the South. A lot of foreigners are familiar with the place because of the tourist spots there. It is the fastest growing city in the country.

Slowly the people there are becoming more urbanized and a lot of establishments are being added there every single day. Their annual growth has increased over 5% this past year. A lot of foreigners say that it is very convenient and at the same time modern.

It has all the amenities that a person may need in order to feel comfortable but at the same time it still holds the natural beauty of the tropics. It also has a lot of history and people can bask in the unique culture incorporated in this place.

Getting to Cebu City Philippines

By Plane

It is possible to go by plane. You just have to make sure that you will land in Mactan Cebu International Airport. While it is true that you have the option to arrive in NAIA, Cebu airport is much more convenient and less crowded than the former.

However there are times when your passport or visa would require you to land in NAIA. If this is the case, it would be best to get a connecting flight going to Cebu. It can be very easy because there are a lot of flights everyday.

If you are in need of cash, remember that most airports in the Philippines do not have ATM Machines. It would always be best to have extra cash beforehand.

Getting In

Cebu International Airport
Cebu International Airport

The airport is conveniently located in Mactan Island. It is very accessible and would only take about 20 minutes to get there. There are some vans that can take you to nice hotels situated near the area.

If you have already booked a hotel in advance, it would be a good idea to let your van driver know the name of the hotel. The van driver would be able to take you there in no time.

By Boat

If you would rather ride a boat going there it is also possible. Cebu City Philippines has one of the busiest ports and this is because of the abundance of items being imported and exported to and from there. There are a lot of designers that are truly talented in their craft and some of their items are being sold in Cebu for lesser amount of money. For those who are not too sure about the boats that can be ridden going to Cebu, it would be a good idea to ask people in advance so that you will know what ticket you would have to purchase to get there.

There are also some ro-ros that you can ride when you would be travelling to other places within the area. Usually there are about 4,000 passengers that can fit in the boat.

By Jeepney

If it is your first time to see a Jeepney you would never forget it because it is usually made up of metal and is colorful. A lot of locals ride the Jeepney because it costs less than other modes of transportations like the bus and taxi.

By Bus

Even though it can be convenient to ride the bus, it is usually situated on the main roads only. It can be hard to ride a bus going to the city. You would probably have to ride going to one of the main terminals then take another mode of transportation from there.

By Taxi

Unlike in Manila wherein there are so many taxis, there are not a lot of cabs available in Cebu. If there are available cabs, there is always a chance that the taxi driver will overcharge you. This can become an unfortunate memory that you will remember so try to avoid it.

Be aware that there are some taxi drivers who will try to take advantage of foreigners. It would always be best to insist on a metered fair if you know the place or try to negotiate with the driver before riding with him. It is not that safe to ride taxis at night especially when you are alone.

If you are aware of the streets or buildings, tell your taxi driver immediately. It would give him an idea that you already know the area and cannot be fooled. If the driver is pleasant enough, it is advisable to give about 5-10 PhP tip. Otherwise, tipping is not necessary.

Attractions in Cebu City Philippines

Admittedly, there are some places and establishments there that cannot be found anywhere in the Philippines. If you are visiting the city, it might be nice to try visit the following areas:

Basilica of Sto. Nino

This church has been around since 1565 and it already has a lot of history. The reason why people visit this church is not only because of the church itself but because of the fact that it holds one of the oldest relics in the Philippines.

The statue of the Sto. Nino was actually given by Ferdinand Magellan who discovered the Philippines to Dona Juana. It has been around there ever since. Do not be shocked that there are always a lot of devotees hoping to catch a glimpse of the historical relic.

Colon Street

If you would like to feel that you have come back several years in time then it would be okay to drive the busy streets of Cebu to get to the oldest street in the Philippines.

Fort San Pedro

If you are more into seeing historical treasures left by the Spaniards so many centuries ago then you might have fun visiting Fort San Pedro which is a small Spanish outpost back in the 1500s.

Lapu Lapu Monument

A lot of Filipinos consider Lapu Lapu a true hero because he was the one who defeated Magellan during their fight. There is a nearby marker for Magellan as well.

Magellan’s Cross

This is an octagonal shaped building located near the monument of Lapu Lapu. This landmark was made to commemorate the fact that it was Magellan who opened the way to Christianity which is the number one religion in the Philippines to this very day.

Casa Gorordo Museum

If you would like to see how old Spanish houses look like then you should visit this place. It is a well preserved Spanish house with relics and historical treasures that can be interesting.

Provincial Capitol

A lot of locals say that it is the White house of Cebu City Philippines and its structure is based on the White House itself. It is more popular at night because a lot of people go there to see the scenery.

Heritage of Cebu

If you would like to see the history of the city then it would be a good idea to visit this place. It is only a taxi ride away from the main hotels in the city.

Taoist Temple

A lot of the locals here have Chinese blood. There are some people there who have full Chinese blood and still follow their Taoist religion. Going to the temple would give you a feel of the Chinese culture.

Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum

There are a lot of people who are interested in Music and if you are one of them, it would be a good idea to visit this place. This has originally been made to pay homage to musicians but over the past years, more and more historical items have been placed
there as well.

Things to do in Cebu City Philippines


You might not enjoy biking but you will surely enjoy the scenery that comes with biking at Tops. A lot of locals go there to see the beautiful scenery especially at night. If you are not sure where you could borrow a bike, you can always ask your hotel about it.

Ride a Taranilla

A lot of foreigners find riding a Taranilla a truly unique experience.

Go through the Skyline

Since it is a beautiful city, the city lights create a beautiful view especially at night.

Sinulog Festival

This is a festival that is slowly gaining a lot of attention over the years. This happens every third Sunday of January. This usually symbolizes the way locals venerate the Christ child.

Swim and Sun

Even though some people would originally want to go to Cebu for the beaches, they might become a bit disappointed with the quality of beaches available there. In the Visayan region you will find lot of better beaches.

A lot of locals would recommend going to Bantayan Island for a real beach experience. It is what people would call “paradise”.

Of course if you are into swimming and underwater activities, there are some diving spots in the area as well. You can also snorkel and scuba dive depending on your preference.

Shopping in Cebu City Philippines

Like mentioned earlier, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It is not surprising anymore that it has two big shopping malls there. One is SM Cebu which has four floors of varying stores and restaurants.

If you would like a more upscale feel, there is an Ayala Mall as well there that has appealing stores and restaurants. Most tourists prefer going to Ayala mall even if it is relatively smaller than SM.

Aside from the major shopping malls, you can shop in different stores in most parts of the city. Some are specialty stores that only sell native delicacies while some sell fruits and other things for eating. You just have to ask the locals for instructions how to get to these places.


Since reading books is one past time that never gets old, you may be glad to know that there are major bookstores situated there.

  • Fully BookedThis is an upscale book store located in the Ayala Mall. It usually holds new books or hard to find books for a certain fee. It is also possible to read there since they allow their costumers to browse books first before deciding whether they would want to purchase it or not.
  • National Book StoreThis is the largest chain of bookstore in the Philippines. Both stores you can find in SM and Ayala Malls and it has a vast collection of books as well as office and art supplies that can tickle any hobbyist’s fancy.

Restaurants in Cebu City Philippines

Even though Cebu is an island that may be a bit far from all the other islands in the Philippines, there are a lot of places wherein you can eat. In the area you can discover so many different restaurants.

Give Cebu’s Specialties a Try:

  • LechonA lot of people have said that Cebu has the best roasted pig not only in the Philippines but in the world as well. Most people even have their lechons delivered to them for special occasions.Some people like the prichon version better though which is one day old pig deep fried.
  • SuTuKilThis is an acronym for grilled meat or seafood. You can have your choice of seafood or meat that you would like to eat and have the locals cook the food whatever way you want.

Nightlife in Cebu City Philippines

For partying and drinking at night it would be best to go to Mango Avenue and Mango Square. Within that area you can find a lot of bars and nightckubs. For the types of bars available, you can always ask your taxi driver about it.

Stay Safe

Although the city has a low crime rate, it would still be best to try to keep safe at all times. There are a lot of pick pockets in the area especially at night. Once the sun goes down prostitutes too roam around downtown area. There are some areas in the downtown area that are not safe at night. Try to avoid these places at all times.

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