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What makes Palawan Philippines a Paradise

Known as the “Last Frontier” of the country, the province of Palawan Philippines is popular for its numerous magnificent tourist attractions which lure a great number of visitors every year from both local as well as foreign tourist. It is known to be the largest province of the Philippines when you talk about the area of jurisdiction. It stretches from northeast Mindoro down to the southwest of Borneo. The capital city of the province is Puerto Princesa.

Many foreigners admire Palawan Philippines for its marine wildlife, its water is made up of an estimated 6,835 square miles of coral reefs that is why most tourist regards the region as having the most wonderful seascape in the whole world.

The region of Palawan Philippines is quite far from the busy Metro Manila. The pace of life is much slower here. It consists of 1,780 islands with only few official cities namely Puerto Princesa and Coron. Most remote areas are quite hard to reach and most often this remote place holds an amazing wildlife and a wealth of natural beauty.

How is the Weather in Palawan Philippines

Just like any other province in the Philippines, the region experiences dry and wet season however the intensity of each season varies from other regions.

Climate in the east of the island is quite different from other regions. Rainfall is often and is fairly distributed through out the whole year with short dry season. There is no specific monsoon season in this part. The southern part is less stormy while the northern part experiences heavy rains in the months of July and August.

In the west coast the weather is equally divided into dry and wet season each season last about six months. This is the general climate of the island and tourists find most of the leading attractions in this part of the island.

What is about the Economy

Agriculture is the major industry. Its major crops include coconut, corn and palay. Another major industry is logging and of course fishery. The region is blessed with rich fishing ground. In fact around forty-five percent of Manila’s supply for fish comes from there. Another industry that is booming today is tourism. The government promotes that sector with lots of effort these days.

Health Care

It is a fact that most medical facilities in major cities is at par with international standard but you cannot expect the same with less populated place. It is better to seek medical attention in private clinics in the province although it cost more than any public or government hospital but the quality of service or care is much superior.

Health care facilities in Palawan Philippines include eleven government hospitals, nine private hospitals and one military hospital. Aside from that there are seven Rural Health Units in the province. Palawan’s capital City, Puerto Princesa, has most of the private hospitals like the Palawan Adventist Medical Center, Alfonso Birthing Home and Cooperative Hospital. The rest is found in different municipalities of the island.

In remote or rural areas, Malaria is present thus it is important that you protect yourself from such disease. Always apply mosquito repellent all over your body and use mosquito nets, you can also ask your healthcare provider for a prescribed preventative anti-malaria medication.

Tap water is safe to drink in major cities but still it is best to drink bottled water. Make sure you buy sealed bottled water.


Palawan Philippines is certainly a progressive province in the Southern section of the country. It is home to colleges and universities in tertiary level. Total numbers of public elementary schools are 623 and 126 for secondary schools. There are two state universities in the province. For private schools, there are twenty-six elementary schools, nineteen secondary schools, four colleges and ten vocational schools.

The two State University in the province are Palawan State University and Western Philippines University. Some of the private educational institutions in Palawan include Holy Trinity College, Fulbright College, AMA Computer Learning Center, Loyola College, St. Joseph Academy and many more.


Most people are Roman Catholic however there is also a strong presence of other religions like Baptist and other Protestant denomination as well as the Seventh-day Adventist, Foursquare Gospel, Jesus is Lord and Life Church. Other smaller group churches that exist in the province include the Mormons, Iglesia ni Cristo, Philippine Independent Church and the Members of Church of God International.

Since the province is close to Mindanao as well as Malaysia, indigenous Muslims live in the southern municipalities of the province. It makes up most of the population in the municipalities like the Bataraza and Balabac. You will also find Buddhists in the province since there are Vietnamese refugees who settles in the province and as proof of their presence, you can find a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple that is the Vihara Van Phat.

Real Estate

Palawan is one famous tourist destination in the Philippines yet it is more than a vacation destination. For people who choose to live away from the entire modern stressful environment, Palawan is their choice. In fact more foreigners are flying here to make this place their home. You sure will find here the property that you want whether it is a beachfront property, island property, commercial or agricultural property and residential and the famous gated properties or subdivisions.

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Wat makes Palawan Philippines the perfect Place to Retire?

Street in Coron Town Busuanga Palawan Philippines
Main Street in Coron Town Busuanga

The list will be unending if we try to write down all the reasons why to stay in the island but the following are the most common answer of the people when ask “Why choose Palawan as place to settle down for retirement?”

  • Seldom struck by natural calamity like earthquake, tornado, tsunami and tidal wave; flood and almost typhoon free.
  • No air pollution and definitely no traffic. It is the greenest and cleanest city.
  • Natural beauty at its best with breathtaking mountain ridges, beautiful diving spots, white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, cleanest waterfalls, home to endangered species and untouched rainforest.
  • Plenty of agricultural products.
  • Plenty of sea products. In fact Palawan is a seafood supplier to the national as well as international market.
  • Last frontier of the Philippines.
  • It is a major tourist destination in the country.
  • Affordable land prices both for agricultural and residential properties.
  • It brings a simple and slow life style.
  • You will find the friendliest and happy people in the locals of Palawan.
  • Great weather condition.


Electricity: The NPC or National Power Corporation has fourteen facilities all over Palawan namely the Araceli Power Plant, Cagayancillo Power Plant, Puerto Princesa Power Plant, Agutaya Power Plant, Cuyo Power Plant, Culion Power Plant, El Nido Power Plant, Balabac Power Plant, Taytay Power Plant, Linapacan Power Plant, Delta P, NPC Modular Power Plant, Roxas Power Plant, and San Vicente Power Plant.

Water: Water system in the province is categorized into three, Level 1 where source of water is through deep well, Level 2 where water is from communal faucet and level 3 is house connection. Among these categories, Level 1 is the one most use followed by level 3 and level 2.

Communication: There are four companies that provide fax services as well as local and international direct dialing calls. Inter island communication is provided by a government telegraph network and the Provincial Radio Communication System. Aside from that the province has a total of nineteen post office and several cargo services which offers freight service and air parcel.

Cable television is also available in the capital city Puerto Princesa. There are smaller firms too that provides cable services in selected towns. Dream Cable is available locally. Enjoy the service of seven radio stations which are all based in Puerto Princesa three of it are FM bands and the rest are Am bands.

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications operates in the province and soon to come is the Sun Cellular. Internet service is also available in the province and is provided by three internet providers namely Pal-Isla, Mozcom Puerto Princesa and Kawing Internet. Broadband connection is also available from Globe lines Broadband, Smart Wireless Broadband and PLDT My DSL.

Newspaper is also available in the province with their local media print like the Bandillo ng Palawan, The Palawan Times, Palawan Sun and Palawan Mirror.


Leading the maintenance of peace and order in the province is the Armed Forces of the Philippines and of course the Philippine National Police. Their headquarters is in Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa.

As with any other famous vacation destination spot, petty theft is always present. The best way to avoid such incident is to carry less cash with you and avoid using too flashy accessories when you go out.

Do not be too over friendly with stranger since lots of tricks and scams do happen in crowded areas. Do not accept drinks from strangers since this might be their way to drug and rob you.

Activities in Palawan to Enjoy

Sunset in Busuanga Palawan Philippines
Sunset in Busuanga

The region has a lot to offer and they have a remarkable range of activities that caters to all kinds of crowd. There are lots of activities fit for the whole family, children and even for couples. Checkout the famous activities you can enjoy:

Busuanga: This is one activity that is perfect for the whole family especially the children. Visitors can hire horses in daily or hourly rate and you can also join a guided tour in the region. There are smaller breeds of horses that are just perfect for kids to ride.

Crocodile Farm: This farm is located in Barangay Irawan just outside of Puerto Princesa. The crocodile farming institute is founded with the cause of caring and preserving endangered species of crocodiles. You can also find a miniature zoo which the children will surely enjoy.

Diving: This is one water activity which attracts lots of tourist from around the world to Palawan Philippines. Their goal is to dive to as many places as possible. You will find lots of interesting diving sites around the island. Especially Coron is a very popular wreck diving spot. Main attraction are many Japanese ships waiting patiently under the sea.

National Museums: If you want to explore the culture and history of the province then you can start of by visiting the National Museum of Palawan which showcases the music, art and local culture and history. You can find the museum in the Old City Hall or Puerto Princesa.

Sailing: The tiny islets and bays just offshore Palawan is perfect for sailing. Tour operators in Palawan can arrange for a guided sailing tour. It will be best to hire a knowledgeable guide who is accustomed to dealing with local government.

Butterfly Garden: If you are interested with butterfly then you should visit this garden. The garden comes with beautiful landscape with plenty of flowers, a miniature lagoon and a lover’s bench. Enjoy the different colors of the butterflies flying around. Several preying mantises, atlas beetles, stick insects and a giant scorpion on display will also surprise you.

Iwahig Penal Farm: This is a unique tourist attraction which you possibly can’t find in any other place. This is composed of 4,000 population comprise of inmates and their family who use farming infrastructure to rebuild their lives. The farm fosters peaceful environment and tourist are guarded with utmost care.

Outdoor Activities: You will be able to explore so many outdoor activities in that province known as the last frontier in the Philippines. The island is full of magnificent diving sites and a forest that is full of wildlife and rare species of plants.

Festivals and Events

The locals celebrate various festival and events during the whole year through which showcase its one of a kind history and culture. If you are living there then you get to witness some of these events like their Tarek Festival every third week of January. Rural dance is their main event. The next event they celebrate every 25th of February is the People Power Day where the Filipinos celebrated the EDSA revolution which took place in 1986. Puerto Princesa celebrates its Foundation Day in the first week of March.

During the holy week the whole province observes In the month of April the Senaku. Re-enactment of the Passion of Christ is done. What follows is the festive month of May where they celebrate the Flores de Mayo. The next festivity which they celebrate in the month of June is the Baragatan sa Palawan every third week of June and the Feast of the Forest which is every third Saturday of June. Come August is the Cuyo Festival and the National Tourism Week every third week of September. In October you will witness the celebration of the La Naval Festival, the Light a Tree Festival in November and the Pagdiwata Ritual Festival in December.

Getting to Palawan Philippines

Cebu Pacific Aircraft at Busuanga Airport
Cebu Pacific Aircraft at Busuanga Airport

By Boat: Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron can be reached by boat from other provinces in the Philippines. Travel time though is quite long, it takes about 26 hours travel by sea from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Charter boats are available for island hopping.

By Air: Daily flights are available from Manila and Cebu to Puerto Princesa as well as regular flights for Coron and El Nido. Airphil Express, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air and SeaAir are the major airlines which service the destinations.

Transport within the province comprise of bus, jeepney and tricycles. You can also get a taxi or rent a van in Puerto Princesa airport upon arrival. You can take a bus if you want to go to other municipalities of Palawan Philippines especially in the northern section of the province. In case you consider to travel in the south you can’t choose between lots of public transportation. Going around the city you can ride a jeepney or tricycles for short distances trip.

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Map of Palawan: