Ferry to Guimaras Island

Visiting the Province of Guimaras Island

The island is located right in the center of Philippine archipelago, just in the Guimaras Strait between Panay and Negros Island. Its serene beaches are the leading attraction of the place. Just like any other developing province in the Philippines, there are cemented roads and the houses here are in modern in design.

The Guimaras Island is becoming a favorite tourist destination for both local and foreign tourist because of its pristine beaches in the first place. Equally important are the off shore islets, springs, waterfalls and of course because of its popular mangoes which is considered as one of the sweetest not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

Iloilo as seen from Guimaras
Iloilo as seen from Guimaras
Guimaras is one of the smallest islands in the Philippines situated in the Western Visayas region. Its capital town is Jordan and its primary gateway is Iloilo. The island is just fifteen minutes ride by ferry or pimp boat from Ortiz and Parola Wharf in Iloilo.

The mango of the plantation of the island is one of the sweetest mangos in the world. It’s the only mango variety that is hailed by the US Department of Agriculture as pest free. These mangoes are best for making jams, dried mangoes and any other delicacies. Enjoy this fruit during their “Manggahan Festival” every twenty-second of May. It is the province charter day.

Guisi Beach and Lighthouse
Guisi Beach and Lighthouse

Tourists love the island because of its white sand beaches and their beautiful private off shore islets. Don’t forget to visit their famous destinations like the Guisi Beach and the calm waters of Alubihod Bay. You can also find and enjoy multi-colored corals, white sand beach. In addition you can take a boat trip to the various marine life in the islets of Taklong, Tando Bays and Igang.

Enjoy your stay in luxurious Island Resorts

If you prefer to relax in a luxurious destination then you might want to check out Costa Aguada Island Resort in Inampulungan Island, Isla Naburot and Nagarao Island Resort. Nagarao is a two hour trip by boat from the Buenavista Wharf. Nagarao is a private beach resort owned by a German who is living in Iloilo. If you want to stay in the resort then make your reservation beforehand and they will offer to fetch upon arrival in the airport.

In case you prefer outdoor activities like island hopping, paintball and war games, rappelling and mountain biking. Then its rich nature as well as its rugged terrain offers you one of a kind adventure you will never forget.

Church at Trappist Monastery in Guimaras
Church at Trappist Monastery in Guimaras
In either case you should also visit the Trappist Monastery and the Bondulan Point which is about forty minutes walk from Jordan where you will find a huge cross erected. This place attracts a lot of pilgrims especially during Holy Week. This is also great place to view the whole of Iloilo City and its Strait. Other places that you might want to see are Siete Pecados, Suli Cave, Catilaran Cave, Puerto del Mar and Roca Encantada. They have Historical landmarks worth to visit too like the Punta Blanco Target Range, 18th Century Guisi Lighthouse, McArthur’s Wharf and Navalas Church.

Generally speaking accommodation is not a problem in the island. You can choose a wide variety of accommodation available in the island from island resorts, mountain resorts, beach resort and inland resorts. Just follow the link below to find the best deals.

Island of Guimaras Map:

Center map