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How to Make a Successful Living in Philippines

You may find a lot of foreigners living in the Philippines, Europeans, Americans and other people from different continents all over the world. Because of this you might be wondering why are there so many people who are willing to go to the Philippines?

Most of the time, retired foreigners would like to search for a place wherein the cost of retirement is much less than their previous country. When you are already retired, you would like to spend the rest of your days in a place wherein you can live in Philippines a good life much more comfortably than before. Knowing how much money needed to live, they can usually retiring well in Philippines. There are a lot of houses in the Philippines that start at about 100 USD a month. There are also some houses near the beach front that cost less than those in most other countries. The Philippines is a place where retirees can enjoy their savings and live well.

There are also people who are on the “creative” side who are always looking for inspiration all over the world. Even though inspiration just comes suddenly, there may be times when people would need a change of place to become more inspired. There are a lot of artists that go to the Philippines for inspiration. Writers, photographers and painters all have said that living in the Philippines has changed their whole perspective.

IT professionals might get more of a mileage of their work in the Philippines rather than their usual work place in their home country. Some IT experts are not given that much attention in USA and in Europe. Some people who are unsatisfied with that try to look elsewhere.

Retiring and Living in Philippines

Those who are retired actually enjoy living in the Philippines because of the simple things that they have to enjoy. Some retirees have already tried scuba diving, snorkeling, ski diving and other things that are considered fun in the country. They can even sing their hearts out at different karaoke bars and have fun with the natives of the country.

This country has more than 7000 islands and is surrounded entirely by sea. It is a tropical country full of wonderful places. The tourist spots here are unlike other tourist spots in the world. It is also a plus that the people here are very welcoming and friendly. It will be easier to feel at home here than other surrounding countries in Asia.

If you are still unsure about where you would like to stay in the Philippines. Consider to stay in a hotel or vacation rental first. There are a lot of hotels there that you might consider cheap but can offer good accommodations. You may also want to rent out a place first before deciding if you like the area.

Some foreigners who have found happiness and contentment in a certain place usually opt to buy land near where they rented. If you are very active and would like to travel all the time, it would probably cost you up to $500 a month which is cheap considering what you can buy with that amount in the Philippines.

Choose the right Place

If you are still not sure about the place, you may want to reach out to other foreigners like you or new friends in the area. They would be able to help you determine what are the things that will make you want to stay in a certain place. You may also want to hear their recommendations depending on the things expats should know to live comfortably in your own home.

You just have to know that if ever you would choose to stay in a remote area, you may experience everyday blackouts. There are some areas wherein electricity would only run up to a certain time. If you are not very sure about that, it would be a good idea to choose a home in the city or somewhere that is more urbanized. Some islands are also more commercialized than others. You may want to do your research about a certain island first before choosing that over your other options.

You are looking for Filipina?

If you find romance in Philippines and it happens to fall in love with a native Filipina, you will automatically get a visa that is valid for one year. You would have to renew it years after that. If you are not married however, you have the option to get the tourist visa and collaborate with your embassy in the Philippines. Chances are they will help you and guide you to secure the needed documents to stay in the country. Otherwise you have 30 days to stay there. Do remember though that from the initial 30 days, you would be able to extend your stay to 59 days with an extra fee.

If you are already panicking because you are not too sure about what you have to do, you may want to ask the help from different agencies in the country. They will be in charge of fixing everything for you as long as you provide them all the documents that they need in order to process your application.

There are some people who do not get the point of immigrating to other countries. Usually they think that they are more comfortable wherever they are living but we have to be rational right now. Most people have worked so hard for so many years and they get only a little bit of satisfaction from it. You have the opportunity to live elsewhere and enjoy your life to the fullest. You deserve it.

Always remember the following:

  • Migrating and retiring to the Philippines is not a simple thing. If you are already used to the customs of your country then you can expect that the Philippines is different. There would be some things about their culture that are not the same with what you have grown accustomed to. What might seem normal to them might not be normal to you. Do your research first about these things before making your final decision.
  • A lot of foreigners usually become happy when they realize just how much their money can buy here. However, if ever a foreigner would choose to live in the country, he has to make sure that he doesn’t overspend or run out of money because it can be particularly hard to find a local job in the country. Even if they would find a job, most jobs would only pay less than $10 a day. That is so much less than what can be earned in other countries.

Infrastructure Issues

One thing that you should remember when you are in the Philippines is that it is a developing country. This means that the amenities and the transportation here are different from where you came from. In the Philippines they also have some transportation that are not available in your country. You should check these things out first and realize if you can live with the changes that you might encounter or not.

Also, the Internet, electricity and mobile needs might not be as adept compared to your country. The Internet might be slower and if you need it constantly, this might cause you to become frustrated in the place. Do remember though that it is slowly catching up with the new things available in the market and help is available at all parts of the country.

Other things you should consider:

  • Before you decide for retiring in Philippines, you must first decide where exactly you are going to live, what is the best place to retire in Philippines. It would be much harder if you would choose your home after you process your papers. Just because there is always a possibility that you will not find the house of your dreams in a short amount of time.
  • The public transportations that are available might not be the most comfortable transportations that you have ridden. And there are some things that might make you want to return to your previous country. Think of these things first before making your decision.
  • Make a checklist off the things that will help to realize a lot of things about moving. Some of the items you should put there are the following:
    – Your financial situation
    – Your family situation (with or without children)
    – The number of years you intend to live here
    – The type of house you like to live in
    – The town or region you intend to live

Rent out a certain place first

Like mentioned earlier, it would always be a good idea to rent out a certain place first. It would give an idea about the place and the people living there. It would be hard to move to another place, Especially if you have used up most of your savings to buy a certain area. If you are able to stay for more than a year, that is the time when you would decide if you would like to stay longer or not.

You can also try living in cheap hotels first. They usually give discounts if you stay there for long periods of time. Just make sure that it is accessible and you can always use public transport the moment you get out of the hotel. You can also ask your relatives if there is any help to find a nice place to live. You can also live with them for the time being if they would want too.

Do remember that even though in other countries real estate agents may help you in that issue. In this country some might take advantage of the fact that you are a foreigner. If you would like to find a nice place that will suit your taste and your budget, it would be better to look for that perfect place on your own. You would be able to save up a lot of money in the process.

Find the right place that will suit your needs

If you do not have an idea on how to navigate around the place, the Internet can help you out. The Internet would give a vague idea about certain places. So at least you know how to get to certain places. The Internet would also help you find the perfect place for you. You can just search using famous search sites and you can check out the place yourself.

If you do find wonderful places, it would be a good idea to contact the person selling or renting out the place immediately. Sending people e-mails might take time because there are still a lot of people in the Philippines who do not have access to the Internet. Or even if they do, they do not check their mails 24/7. The best thing to do is contact the number given by the seller through text or call.

There may be a lot of tips for foreigners. For instance such as the cost of the place or the amount of the whole house. But then there is always a chance that the price would be raised the moment they find out that you are a foreigner. There are usually uniform prices with the types of neighborhood and the location in general. But there are some exceptions because of different things. For instance, the place that you might want to live in might be near a shopping mall even if you do not have an idea about it. If this is the case, the price of the place would be much higher than the one you will find in a normal subdivision or village.

Take time to make  your Living in Philippines comes true

Also, there is a possibility that you would see a very nice place online but then when you see the place, you would get disappointed because of the actual condition of the house. If this is the case, you should learn how to object and voice out your opinion about the place. You have the right to choose what you think is best for you. Do not hesitate to turn down the offer especially if they are not making the effort to listen to your objections.

If you have a Filipina girlfriend or wife, it would always be a good idea to ask her to check out the place first. Usually they would be able to know the correct amount of the place that you are interested in. They would also be able to gauge better if the place is worth it or not. Trust their knowledge about their own country.

Again, it would be wise to stress out that before buying a property in the Philippines, it would be better to rent first to give you an overview about the kind of place you would like to live in. Also, you can have the chance to look around once you have a temporary place to live in. Just look around and you may never know, you just might find YOUR place in the Philippines. One that you would call HOME.


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