Sunset Subic Bay Philippines
Subic Bay Philippines is one of the tourist spots that is quite familiar with foreigners. It is located in the Western area of Luzon within the region of Subic Bay. The reason why it is more popular than other tourist spots is because it used to be a navy base of the US. The main industry is the airport and the freeport.

How to Get to Subic Bay Philippines

By Plane

Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA)
There are a lot of flights going to there in different places all over the Philippines. The airport is nicer than their biggest airports and can hold up to 700 passengers. There are a lot of flights for local places and a few going to other South East Asian countries.

By Car/By Bus

Since it is not that far off from Manila to Subic Bay, it is possible to use your own car when you go to there. Another option is to ride a bus since there are a lot of buses in terminals that have rides going to there. Do remember though that the buses do not go directly to there. The nearest possible bus that you can ride will drop you off in Clark area. From there you can take a Jeepney or a taxi going to there.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBF)

The Freeport is located conveniently at the heart of Olongapo, Subic and Morong. It is possible to reach the Freeport by boat as well. Of course planes also conveniently land here from time to time. Another good thing about the Freeport is that it is nearer other Asian countries as well.

One of the main reasons why people visit the Freeport however, is to see the biggest boat ever built. It was created to support the US 7Fleet before.

Activities in Subic Bay Philippines

Scuba Diving

There is a reason why this place is called the “Pearl of the Orient”. Like a clam concealing its beautiful pearl, Subic is similar in a sense that you will see its true beauty if you know exactly where to look.

In the Philippines, Scuba diving is considered to be a fun recreational activity for professionals and even for beginners who would like to learn more about the beauty of underwater sea creatures. As a matter of fact the Philippines offer a lot of diving spots. More and more professional divers start to flock the different areas within the country. Here, the diving industry is slowly prospering although it is still not as well known as its other diving counterparts.

One of the reasons why that place is unique however is because of the abundance of ship wrecks you can find in the area. There are a lot of unique debris to see and this is not similar to the other diving spots available in the Philippines. The diving spots are very convenient to visit as well because you just need to write a small boat to get there. The travel going to different diving spots usually take up to 15 minutes.

Enjoy Wreck Diving Spots

Subic BayFor those who are curious about the type of wreckage that can be seen, a lot of people have said that the ships that have sunk in the bay can cover the whole world war II. Some of the ships may have been excavated already to make the sea more accessible to tourists. However, there are still a lot of precious wreckage within the area. There are some reports of Japanese ships and old Spanish ships that have sunk there. There are also some speculations about possible junk or treasure scattered in the area. Although these areas are usually beyond diving range.

The reason why there are not a lot of sea creatures living in the area is because of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo back in the early 90s. So much destruction has happened then and a lot of people lost their lives and their homes. The lava from the volcano literally buried houses, properties and livestock in just a few hours. It took a lot of years before the place started to recover. Right now, some of the corals are already starting to recover and the people are trying their hardest to bring back the beauty of the place. But the sharks and dolphins that used to flock the area no longer live there. It’s a good thing however that there are some unique shark breeds spotting around again. Although no official reports of their habitats has been finalized.

Because of the growing popularity of Scuba Diving, there are not a lot of diving businesses open in the area. Surely you will not have any problem looking for the perfect group to help you dive.

Subic Bay Philippines: Zoobic Safari

If you would like to see animals or you would like to take your family to the zoo then this is the perfect spot for you. You can find this at the Freeport’s Adventure Park. The reason why this zoo is so special is because of the collection of exotic animals you can see there. A lot of locals even go to the area just to see the different animals at the zoo.

If you would like to learn more information about the different animals, it is also possible. They have an educational show featuring different live animals. Other attractions include survival with Aetas and the new “Mini Moe Show” featuring small animals that you would surely find cute. For those who are not into cute animals, there are also fierce animals like the Bayawak. As well you can take a tour to the Aeta village to give you an idea of how rich their culture still is up to now.

Shopping in Subic Bay Philippines

Of course no tour is ever complete without checking out the different shopping areas. Here you can buy some souvenir items as well as necessary items to keep comfortable throughout your stay. Here are some of the shopping malls that you can go to while you are in Subic:

  • Royal Subic
    This is the biggest department store. Even locals go here because of their mixed merchandise of imported and local products. They also have a wide selection of clothes and perfume.
  • Freeport Exchange
    If you have a sweet tooth and you would like to get your candy fix it’s the right place for you. Freeport exchange has an extensive collection of candies and other types of sweets. This shopping mall also carries some electronics.
  • Puregold
    This is considered more as a huge supermarket that carries a lot of goods. You can find there local goods but also imported goods.
  • Value City
    If you are looking for unique products you cannot find elsewhere then this is the place to go. This can also be heavenly for your car because it has different brands and varieties of cat food.
  • American Hardware
    If you would like to find things that are not available in most parts of the country then this is the place to go. Most of the items they sell here are directly from USA. They are also offering car wash service for your automobile.

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