Retiring in Philippines vs Thailand

Pros and Cons: Retiring in Philippines vs Thailand

Over the years foreigners have this eye for moving in Asian countries specifically retiring in Philippines or Thailand. This article will discuss the pros and cons in living in these two beautiful countries. The purpose is to guide you as reader to the best place to retire. Moving to another country entails a lot of commitment and should be taken seriously. Let us take a closer look at the Pros and Cons of both countries:

Retiring in other place other than your hometown is not an easy decision. Taking a vacation in other places is an enjoyable thing to do. But to actually move to another place for good is something to think of a million times.

Philippines is becoming a popular tourist destination around the world. In fact it has becoming popular among retirees. Spending a vacation in the Philippines is a fantastic experience. But actually to live in the country is another thing. Just like any other place in the world the country has its own Pros and Cons when we talk about retiring in Philippines. Read further to discover things to know before retiring to the Philippines.

Retiring in Philippines: The Pros

  • The number one thing that attracts lots of retirees from all over the world is the country’s cost of living. You will be surprise that your money whether it is Euro, Pound or Dollar will go a long way than you expect. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. In general foreigners moved in the Philippines with an average budget of $1,000 every month. There are some who spends less or more. With this budget you can afford to hire drivers and maids, I bet you can’t if you are living back home.
  • The next thing that most foreigners consider when retiring in Philippines is its tropical weather. Escape cold winters… and never scrape a windshield nor pick up a snow shovel again. There is no better way to enjoy life than to spend it in a tropical environment the whole year through. It’s always summer there for expats coming from cold western countries. If it gets quite hot then you can always choose to retire or move in beachfront properties where you get to enjoy the cool sea air. Besides you can always move in a place in the Philippines where it is really cool the whole year though. Consider places like in Baguio City which is popular as the summer capital of the Philippines. Here you get to enjoy the cool fresh mountain air everyday.
  • Of course we cannot discredit the Filipinos. Filipinos are known to be the friendliest people in the whole world. They always have a ready smile in their faces for visitors and even strangers. Filipino people might be poor but they are rich in joy and happiness. If back home you work seven to eight hours for a pay enough to meet the basic necessities. Probably you may totally ignoring the people around you as you work. It is no different in the Philippines. They also work more everyday and sad to say Filipinos have even less work opportunities yet what makes them different is despite the hardship in life still they go about their business with smile in their face for all the people around them and even for strangers. Their being friendly, warm hearted and hospitable is a big credit to them.
  • Another big plus for retiring in Philippines is that most Filipinos understand and speak English. So communication is never a problem in the Philippines. The country is in fact the largest English speaking in Asia. If you know a little bit of Tagalog then for sure that will go a long way. Filipinos appreciates it so much if a foreigner tries to learn Tagalog. So try to learn and use a few Tagalog words. You will certainly gain lots of friends just by trying.
  • One of the reasons too why male investors and business people choose the Philippines is because of the broad dating opportunities. Other Asian countries do have lots of young woman. Especially Thai ladies want to find a nice western man. But nothing beats the number when you come to the Philippines. Welcome to the Philippines: there are ten times of young ladies looking for a nice foreign guy to settle down with. But be cautious too. You can always begin by looking in these trusted online Filipina dating sites. Filipina Heart, Pinalove, FilipinoCupid, FilipinoFriendFinder and Cebuanas.are sites can be trusted and is worth to check on.
  • Starting a business in the Philippines is much easier and you don’t encounter much problem when we talk of legal perspective. Staffing your office or business offices is no problem either since you will find plenty of professional and English speaking staff. Besides Filipinos are known to be hardworking gal.
  • Another thing that puts retiring in Philippines on edge is because the papers and documents. Visa is definitely much cheaper compared to other country in Asia especially Thailand. Processing of documents is much easier too and fast.
  • Living in the Philippines is just like you are on vacation for a long time. There are a lot of developed areas which you can explore and enjoy without lots of tourist around. You can still find your very own island and enjoy it the way you want. There are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines which you can go to. Enjoy it alone or with your someone special.
  • If you like to experience the marine wildlife the Philippines offers the best and cheapest places for scuba diving
  • If you are a party people then you sure can party all night long for just a fraction of cost you spend when you are back home. Indeed you can find the cheapest party here in the Philippines. Get drunk and party all night long. One thing though that attracts most foreigners in this place. There is not much rules to be followed. Anything goes as they say and that’s what people love in the Philippines.

Retiring in Philippines: The Cons

  • I guess the pros in retiring in Philippines have been thoroughly discussed above. It is time to tackle the negative side or the cons on living in the Philippines. There are things that you really have to be prepared of if you are decided to spend the rest of your golden days in this island.
  • You might be frustrated when you discover that the infrastructure here in the Philippines is not half as efficient with what you experience back home. Remember that the Philippines belong to a third world country. Therfeore their technology and infrastructure is not as advance as you expect it to be. Infrastructure refers to communication services like the internet, mobile phone, telephone and even their postal services; transportation and their public utilities like water and electricity. All of this is of course available in the Philippines. Only it might fall short of what you are use to or what you expect.
  • Get use to having regular brown-outs or power interruption. If this becomes too much of a problem you can always get your own generator for that matter. Do not be surprise if public transports leave or arrives late. It’s common phenomenon already. The highways are not like your highways back home and its kind of normal to find two cars in one lane so do not be surprise anymore.
  • In most areas mobile phone has a lot more coverage and even more reliable than a land line. That is why most people own a mobile phone than a landline especially in the rural areas. Within the city, internet connection is available but if you venture outside the major cities then internet access is not available. These are some of the things that you just have to live to if you decide to move for good for retiring in Philippines.
  • Another hardest thing to manage when you finally decide to stay for good in this country is how to manage your extended Filipino families. If you are married to a Filipino then expect the Filipino family to regard you as rich whether you are poor, average earner or rich in your hometown. They expect too much from you so that now you will be pressured to give assistance financially. One thing that you should know, if you are going to lend money to a family member, expect it gone and not repaid at all.
  • So if you ever find yourself in such situation then better control or learn to manage it. The best thing for you is to move in a place that is quite far from them but if you find yourself living among them then let them know that they have to earn the money they ask. You will be surprise to find that they cease to ask money from you. This kind of people don’t like to work to earn that money.

These are the major things that you should watch out if ever you decide retiring in Philippines for good.

Retiring in Thailand

Thailand is one of the place in Asia that is considered as hotspots for the foreigners. Lots of foreigners also entertains the idea of staying for good in Thailand. Read further to know the pros and cons in retiring in Thailand vs. Philippines.

Thailand Retirement: Pros

  • Thailand absolutely wins on foods. Food in Thailand is something awesome you will never forget and you would want to taste over and over again. If you observed, Thai people are quite healthy that is because they have a balanced and healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable is available anywhere you go in Thailand. Abundance of fresh sea foods you will see in there. You sure will not get hungry in this country.
  • Just like food, entertainment and nightlife in Thailand is abundant. Thai people loves to socialize and party that is why you will find lots of nightlife and entertainment venues in Thailand. You will find plenty of nightclubs, pool bars, discotheques and go-go bars in the place. If you are not that fond with Thai food then not to worry because you can find plenty of international restaurant in the country. The only thing you have to be careful of is your budget because Thailand can be very expensive.
  • Thailand also offers affordable lifestyle although not as cheap as retiring in Philippinesin. You can find accommodation depending on your budget. For example you can find a condominium with amenities like swimming pool, 24/7 security and other amenities for just $300 and the location is close to the beach. If you want you can hire a housekeeper for under $200 every month.
  • Its location is another plus for Thailand. The country is located in the heart of Asia so that you can travel from its neighboring country for just a short time. Thailand’s neighbor are Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Flights in Bangkok to other Asian countries are abundant so that it is easy to fly to Philippines, Indonesia, China, Singapore and other destinations. So individuals who decide to stay in Thailand can still explore the world especially Asia.
  • If we talk about health care then Thailand is popular for its excellent dental and health care not only in Asia but to the whole world. You will discover how professional the doctors, nurses and medical assistance are and a quick visit to a Thai Dentist will convince you that they are really good and considered to be the best compared to western countries and they are inexpensive. This is one reason why some foreigners choose Thailand because of its excellent health care and because of its inexpensiveness.
  • Another booming industry in Thailand is their health and cosmetic surgery tourism. A lot of people from all over the world come to Thailand for this reason for they can save almost 50% of what they will pay in the western countries.
  • Last not least in Thailand Internet has improved a lot in the last few years. In Bangkok for example is VDSL available (20mbit down / 4mbit up). In most places is 10mbit connection for about $20 a month available and some provider just starting to push cable connection with 100mbit. Finally 3G is available in most places on average monthly cost of $20 to $30.

Thailand Retirement: Cons

Although Thailand offers plenty of one of a kind retirement locations and benefits compared to other countries still it has its negative aspect which we should tackle before you decide which country you would want to live.

  • First and foremost is the feeling of being a stranger in the country. If you are a foreigner then you will always be treated as one in this country. You will always be called a “farang” their term which refers to a foreigner wherever you go. If this kind of thing bothers you then you better set your eyes or interest on other places. This term is not use to insult you but this is just how Thai people refers to foreigners.
  • The next thing that you have to be prepared of is their visa requirements which is little bit complicated and even confusing. But then you need to understand it if you really want to spend the rest of your life in this tropical island.
  • And last but not the least, as foreigner you can never own a land in Thailand. You can of course live in the land but you can never own it. The only thing that you can own in your own name in terms of real estate are Condominiums.

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