retiring in Philippines

Are You ready to retire in Philippines?

Are you planning now for your retirement? Are you ready for retiring in Philippines? It is best if you do your research well and try to compare with other countries of your choice e.g. try to compare reting in Philippines vs Thailand. It will be best if you explore and gather all important information for you to be able to make a well informed decision.

That’s why this website will be a good source of information for you since it provides you with all the important facts about Philippines that foreigners should know if they decide to spend their retirement days in this beautiful island.

But of course nothing can beats personal experience than just learning things in what you read. If you are really vent in spending your golden days in this country then it would be best if you can visit the place and experience what life is here before deciding to finally stay in the country for good. To be able to actually experience the things that you have read is certainly enough to convince you if the place is truly the best place to retire for you.

What makes Philippines a great place to retire

Philippines is a great place to retire for a lots of reasons. First and foremost is the people. You will be surrounded with warm loving and hospitable people. They are really different from your acquaintances back home. Filipino people are generally happy and they have a ready smile for you which really makes foreigners feel at home. Beside the pace of life here is much slower thus life in this part of the world is much relaxed.

Another reason why it is a great place to retire is because the place is relatively inexpensive and where you get to stretch your dollar to the max. You can already live comfortably with less than a thousand dollars a month. If you can afford more than that then you can really enjoy a good life. You can import some goods but it can be expensive and a bit hassle but it you are open to look for substitute then for sure you will find a good one here which is less expensive.

Just imagine you can have your own driver or house maid here. For sure you cannot afford to have one back home. Life would be too easy with your house maid around. You do not have to get up early in the morning to do things around the house but the house maid can do all the house work and this service only cost you around $40 to $50 a month. With that pay for sure you can even afford to have more than one.

When it comes to modern amenities then you can expect to find it here. You can find lots shopping malls, restaurants that serves international cuisine, entertainment spots, night clubs, sports venue and of course the white beaches which the country is famous of. If you are single then you might just find Filipina women to be very attractive. Filipinas is famous for its feminiity and beauty, truly this place is paradise especially for a single man.
Another reason why this place is a great place to retire is because Philippines is the only English speaking country in Asia. Its culture is a mixture of the east and the west and is known for its hospitality. You do not have much problem with communication since most people here understands and speaks English. Indeed you can experience comfort living at such a low cost.

Why do you need to visit Philippines

Moving to another country for good is not an easy decision.It entails a lot of risk on your part. There are so many things to consider. Remember that you will be moving to another country thus you have to adopt to another culture and lifestyle. But all this is made easy because for one the Filipinos are very warmth people and you sure will feel at home anywhere you are in the country. The Filipinos are known for its being hospitable and you will find that with almost all articles that you read about the Filipino people. It is indeed a big help if you have carefully research and gathered all important information about the country.

It is important then that you visit the Philippines for you to experience and witness with your own eyes the beauty of the country and its people. Gathering information about that place is not enough for you to decide and leave your homeland. You have to see the place yourself, feels its magic and be with the people and experience the Filipino lifestyle. Only then you can decide whether it is a wise decision to move in the Philippines for good.

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