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As we all know, the Philippines is the only English speaking country in Southeastasia with a culture known for its hospitality, beautiful beaches and warm and friendly people. You can experience a high quality standard of living for a very low cost. Nevertheless. to make a successful living, planning your retirement in the Philippines must be done carefully and thoroughly. It must be done not in haste but with careful planning. Here is a way to accomplished you plan about retiring in Philippines:

  • Start your planning as early as possible. Never delay your planning, make your list of financial goals as well as your assets so that you know what you need to achieve and how much you need to achieve your dream retirement. If you start early and start saving for your retirement early then you have bright golden days ahead of you.
  • Have a fix plan for your future. Assess your savings against your expenditures and always makes allowance for emergencies. Always set aside money for medical, travel, post retirement and more. Avoid spending on unnecessary things but rather shift it towards important things like education, health and many more.
  • Get assistance from a financial advisor. If you can’t make a workable plan then you can always consult a financial advisor which can work with you to develop a plan. Present your objective and what you want to achieve, your financial advisor should be able to present to your several alternatives for you to analyze.
  • Always monitor your financial plan. When you have your plan then make sure to monitor it and make sure that you are in course of your objective. Always check the liquidity of your investments.
  • Make sure not to touch your saving pre-retirement. As much as possible do not touch your savings for your retirement. This is the money that will bring you safety and comfort in your retirement days.

Planning your retirement means you should do a proper research to know everything before get started your new life to live better, healthier, and retire well with less stress.

Planning your retirement well is not really hard. Perhaps the hard thing is in implementing the plan with strict discipline.

  • First of all, single most important thing is to be familiar with the rules about Visa and Immigration. For those interested in coming to there and investing in a project or doing business in Philippines, you should know the several Visa options that might be more attractive than pretending to be a tourist and renewing every your visa 59 days or having to be married to a Filipina for a 13A Non-Quota Permanent Resident Immigrants Visa.
  • In any case money is all important when you travel or it’s your plan staying long in one place. Foreigners who plan to stay long or even decide to relocate to the Philippines should be careful about financial matters and be familiar with the banking system in Philippines. To avoid any hassle in the future be prepared.
  • No matter what country you consider to retire, one of the most important things is the country’s health care. Health care in Philippines is cheap yet it delivers the high quality when it comes to medical technology and procedures. Affordable health care is one reason that more and more people from abroad have set their eyes in the Philippines as a possible haven for their retirement.
  • Foreigners or expats who wish to settle down in the Philippines and consider to buy or build their home need to know anything about the right to own land. So go further and read this basic information for expats who consider to retire in the Philippines.
  • If you considering to move and importing things to the Philippines, then it is far better to sort out things and decide what things to bring. You should select the essentials only. Choose the items that you want to bring along and the items that you want to leave behind. One recommendation though, shipping your things to the Philippines is quite expensive. So just take your most treasured items and better buy new when you are in the Philippines. In case you have pets and decide to bring with you, check the FAQ website of the Philippine Bureau of Customs.
  • In case you have children there is no reason not to retire to the Philippines. Education system in the Philippines is closely related to the American system while other Asian countries are mostly influenced by the Dutch, English or French system. However, education in Philippines is quite different compared to other countries where basic education takes about twelve years compared to ten years in the Philippines using bilingual language as their medium of instruction. So it’s common to teach some subject in Filipino while others are taught in English.

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