Philippine Culture vs Thailand Culture

Thai Culture vs Philippine Culture

Some people may think that the culture in all Southeast Asian countries are the same but they are very different. Thailand and Philippines have a lot of differences in culture.

Based from my observations, here are some things that I have noticed:

1. People from the Philippines are friendlier than Thailand people.

2. Thailand women tend to be more snobbish than Filipino women.

3. Thailand has a much cleaner place than the Philippines.

Aside from all these things, I have observed the following:

  • There are a lot of scammers in the Philippines.
  • Filipino people especially before are not ahead in terms of fashion and what’s hot in terms of design and fashion.
  • Thai food is far better for Foreign people.
  • You can tell immediately that Thai people have an Asian culture. In the Philippines however, you will be able to see a mixture of different cultural influences that they have integrated in their lifestyles over the years.
  • Philippine Women are given more freedom. They can work alongside men and they sometimes have better jobs and more money than their male counterparts.
  • Personally, I am more trusting of Thais but Filipinos are more hospitable and friendlier.
  • Filipinos tend to overprice some things just because the items are imported while Thai people make sure that what they are selling can be sold well.
  • The government in Thailand are aware of the things that they have to do to make their country better. The government in the Philippines use their title to gain more money and social status.
  • Thais are cold and arrogant.
  • Although there are so many foreigners that visit the country, not a lot of Thai people learn the English language.
  • Most Philippine people speak fluent English.
  • If you are interested in purchasing things that look Asian, Thailand merchandise are better.
  • Going around in Thailand without a car is easy while it can be extremely difficult in the Philippines.

Philippine Culture

Even though I love both countries, I cannot decide which country I love more because of the differences that I have stated above. I do have to say however that even though Filipina women are well liked in most parts of the world, I am not too fond of Filipino men because of their arrogance towards women and other people in general. This should not come as a surprise because they have been invaded by Americans in the past. They have incorporated that arrogance to their culture already.

Usually, Philippine women in some parts of the country especially in places like Angeles City aim to marry a foreigner to acquire more money although there are some cases when they marry for love. For most Thais it would be a cause of shame if their daughters would marry men from other races with exception of women working in bars.

Based from all these I guess I can say that if I would only want to live in a country for a while, it would be better to live in Thailand for the experience of it all. The Philippine culture is much different from what I have been accustomed to and it can be endearing and surprising. However, if I would have to retire, it would be better to retire in the Philippines because it would be easier to feel welcome and wanted in the country.