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Panglao Island Bohol: Great Spot for Expats

The island is just twenty minutes away from the capital city of Bohol which is Tagbilaran City. Panglao is situated right in the southwestern edge of Bohol, east of Cebu in the Central Visayas region. The island is composed of two municipalities namely Panglao in the southwest and Dauis in the northeast. The island is actually part of the province of Bohol and is connected with the province through its two bridges.

It features a mountainous to hilly and plain terrain. Its land is mainly composed of Maribojoc limestone. This kind of limestone makes formations of sinkholes and caves. The island does not have any lakes or rivers but it has a freshwater spring found inside the Hinagdanan cave and another spring found inside the Dauis church. The locals of Panglao depend on this fresh water source.

What to do in Panglao Island

Panglao Island is becoming a favorite sightseeing spot for both tourists, local and foreign. For one Panglao is a diving havens for scuba divers for it is rich with various marine life. In fact it is even better than the Mediterranean Sea or what Japan can offer. So far they discover about 2,500 new mollusks species and 250 new crustaceans’ species. Indeed a dive in one of their diving sites would be an experience you won’t forget.

The island is getting a lot of attention since it offers the best spots both in the land as well as under water scenes too. Both are all magnificent and will surely entertain you. Not to forget its beautiful white sand and blue crystal water. Its magnificent dive sites and of course the peaceful atmosphere of Panglao Island definitely attracts most visitors in the island.

If you are going to Pamilacan Island then the island is the best jump off place. Pamilacan Island is known for its whale and dolphin watching. You can definitely stay in Panglao Island and get to explore not only Panglao Island but the whole province of Bohol.

Why many Expats choose that Place to settle down

Indeed Panglao is like paradise and a haven to most foreigners. In fact a lot of foreigners have found their love in the island and have stayed for good and married a Filipina. They have put up their abode by the beach and most of these foreigners have developed this simple abode into resorts for the purpose of accommodating friends. In the end these resorts has become their steady source of income.

The island of Panglao is now attracting too many foreign visitors and even local tourists. And when it comes to accommodation you sure will find plenty of resorts that dot the beaches of Panglao Island. And each of these resorts has their own restaurants which offer the best cuisine in the world. Nightlife in Panglao is just amazing and its main attraction is fire dancing. You can also find bar anywhere so that you often see people with beer in hand while enjoying the beach or enjoying watching live performances.

Just like any island, there are things that you need to be careful with when in Panglao Island. Always secure all your belongings and put it in safe places before you go and stroll the beach. Do not leave your belongings out in the sad or in the open while you go stroll and enjoy the beach. The island is rich with various marine life and sea urchins is one of them. This marine life can be very painful when you encounter one thus always be careful. Avoid it as much as possible. Of course do not forget to have your mosquito repellant. It comes handy at night time when these mosquitos often come.

What is the best Hotel in Panglao Island

Even though these are some basic things that every tourist should know, it is important to note that there are some spots there that are considered better than the rest. To give you an idea about that, here is an overview of the spots you should check out:

Alona Pyramid Beach Resort

If food is also one of your reasons for going to Bohol then this is the place that you should check out. Alona Pyramid Beach Resort has a wide range of both Filipino and Spanish cuisines. A lot of people go to this area for the fresh seafood grilled by the sea and also the great barbecue.

Aquatica Beach Resort

If you would like a resort that you can go to easily then you should check out Aquatica Beach Resort. It is situated in the middle of Alona beach which is a cab away. It is a sanctuary that tourists can surely enjoy. One of the main reasons why people go here in the first place is because of the Scuba World Bohol. Professionals will guide tourists while enjoying the underwater view.

Blue Sky Sea Resort

If you would like to be near a great diving spot then this is the resort that you should check out. Aside from this, they also have comfortable accommodations. The great thing about this resort is that it has left the beach untouched so you can enjoy the beach in all its natural glory. The panoramic view of the ocean is awesome.

Crystal Coast Resort

Another resort which boasts its diving sites is Crystal Coast Resort. Aside from this, you would also be able to enjoy a great view of the ocean. The location of the place is great. It is situated on top of the hill and can make any person feel better. Another reason why this is the resort to check out is because of its first class facilities that can give tourists the luxurious vacation that they truly need.

Hidden Coral Diver’s Club

If you would like a place that is far from the more developed areas of Bohol then this is the place for you. This resort is situated in Songculan Dauis, Bohol. It is a small village overlooking the ocean. You will surely marvel at the magnificent view. It has nice facilities too like lounging areas, business centers, function rooms and swimming pools.

Kalipayan Beach Resort

There are some tourists who would love to remain active all throughout their stay. If you are not after just the scenery or the view of the above mentioned resorts, you may want to try Kalipayan beach resort to try all the possible activities that this resort has to offer. You may want to go island hopping or fishing. You may also want to try scuba diving or snorkeling. Aside from these, people usually go to this resort because it is a great diving spot.

There are some tourists who get lost when they are trying to find the resort. You would have to hail a taxi to take you to Alona Beach and at Rona’s corner. Instruct your cab driver to take a right turn at the main road. After some time, some signs will be visible. Follow the signs and in no time at all you will arrive at the resort.

Panglao Regents Park

There are some people who would like to tour in luxury. If you would like to experience first class services all the way then you should check out Panglao Regents Park. Aside from the exotic ambiance you would be ushered to beautiful rooms with great facilities and amenities. This is an exclusive resort so you should first check out if there are available rooms before you go there. It is considered one of the 5-star resorts in the area.

Paragayo Resort

If you would like a mix of old and new then this is the resort for you. The designers of the said resort were mystified with the beauty of the white sand beaches that they decided to develop the resort. The resort has a lot of verandas and corridors and this can make tourists feel relaxed and at ease with a more casual vibe. A lot of people go to this resort to party although some people deliberately go to this area to see the beautiful white sand beaches.

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If you would like to become satisfied with the resorts that you will check out then you should go to Bohol and Panglao Island. There is a wide range of resorts that can accommodate different tourists. Even if the amenities and the services that they can provide is first class, the prices of the resorts are still cheap enough. A lot of people would be able to enjoy the different activities that the resorts can offer.

Map of Panglao Island:

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