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Discover the Province Oriental Mindoro

The province is composed of fourteen municipalities and one city. The province is push as Philippines rising eco-tourism destination. It promotes scene of unique tropical paradise with crystal blue water, white sands, majestic mountains covered in green forest and magnificent waterfalls. You will find rare and near to extinct animal as well as different fauna and flora.

The province is situated 140 kilometers south west of Manila and you can reach Manila by ferry from the international port of Batangas in just forty-five minutes. Another option is to travel by air from NAIA Domestic Airport. It only takes thirty minutes to reach Oriental Mindoro.

The province is bounded by Verde Island Passage in the north, Semirara Island in the south, Tablas Strait and Maestro del Campo Island in the east and the province of Occidental Mindoro in the west.


The locals are friendly and warm to their visitors. They welcome then with warm smile and indicative of the famous Filipino culture that is being hospitable. The locals enjoy a simple life as a result from peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the province. The province is mostly rural with seventy percent of the population involved in fishing and agriculture while the remaining thirty percent lives in urban centers. Tagalog is the widely spoken language in the province and they can also converse in English.


Oriental Mindoro does not have a marked dry season or rain period. Its climate is favorable for growing vegetable the whole year through. Its location is within the typhoon belt so that the province will experience typhoon every now and then.


The region is famous as the rice granary of Southern Luzon. Aside from being called as rice granary, the province is also called fruit basket. Until now the province is still considered as Calamansi King as well as Banana King in the region.

Agricultural land in the province is 169,603.34 hectares and base on records, 85,244 hectares are use for palay production and 21,671 hectares are use for coconut plantation. For the record the province has produced about one to two million cavans as surplus in rice production.

With this, the province intends in developing its agricultural potentials through improving its productivity and encouraging investors to focus on agro-industrial. The most viable activities that can be readily absorbed in the markets around Metro Manila and CALABARZON includes agriculture and feed milling; tree farming, and fruit and vegetable production.

Tourism is also a thriving industry in the province. It does have a bright future especially with the opportunities in the making of a national park like the Mount Halcon and Lake Naujan into eco-tourism areas.

With all these potentials, the province is becoming the leading destinations for tourist both locals and foreign alike. It is also a good place for both foreign local investors.

Investment Opportunities

Oriental Mindoro’s major industry is tourism and agriculture which supports the economy. With this the province offers investors potential investment opportunities.

Why Invest there? Because it provides large areas of land, stable peace and order; skilled labor force, and bountiful produce. Aside from that the following reasons can be considered why Oriental Mindoro is a good place to put your money to;

  • The presence of Republic National Highway which links the three major islands of the Philippines – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  • Accessibility and nearness to Metro Manila – about 140 kilometers south of Manila
  • It is just forty-five minutes away from Batangas.
  • The province has a good communication facilities and transportation network.
  • Known as the food basket and rice granary of the country.
  • Leading producer of wide range of marine, agricultural and fruit products. In fact the province is known to be Calamansi King and is one of the top ten producers of Banana in the Philippines.
  • The third largest area for fishpond as well as aquaculture production in Southern Luzon region.
  • Oriental Mindoro is a top tourist destination in MIMAROPA Region.
  • Unspoiled natural beauty which the tourists appreciates a lot.

Health Care

There are twenty-eight hospitals in the province nine of which are government or public hospitals and the nineteen are private hospitals. There are forty-six clinics, eighteen RHU or rural health units, ninety-three Barangay clinics.



The province source of electric power is from Dulangan Mini-Hydro Power Plant and NAPOCOR’s diesel power plant which is distributed through ORMECO or Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative, Inc., 25 MW diesel generating sets and 9.5 MW Diesel Power Plant. Other potential sources for energy in the province are hydropower, geothermal, wind farm and coal.


There are fifteen level III systems from CWSDC or Calapan Waterworks System and Development Corporation, and water districts of Naujan, Roxas, Pola and Pinamalayan. There are also five Barangay waterworks and six municipal waterworks.


Communication facilities in the province include telephones or fixed lines generated by CATSI or Calapan Telephone System Inc. – RMC Telecommunication Consultants, Inc., Globe Telecommunication, and PLDT Digital Telecommunications.

Mobile communications coverage by DIGITEL or Sun cellular, Globe Telecom and Smart Communication, Inc. They also have internet connections and computer centers by GLOBE Telecom, Dalcan Technologies, Inc., and CATSI Internet and Computer Center. They have eight FM stations and one AM station in the province and two television networks which are Calapan Cable TV Network and Tamaraw Vision Network,Inc.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, the province has a total of fifty-two banks, three of which are government banks, thirty-one rural banks and eighteen commercial banks. In addition to that they also have thirty-four lending investors.

Things to Watch Out

When you travel to Oriental Mindoro from Batangas City, try to avoid riding outrigger boat for this is not very safe to do. Outrigger boats are motorized banca. The usual capacity of this boat is about forty-five persons to sixty. Unfortunately some banca drivers overload it to try to earn more money. This has lead to so many accidents and deaths already so that be very careful if you ride one or it is much better if you take a fast craft or ferry instead to Calapan or to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is the leading destination when you talk about Oriental Mindoro. The place can be a bit crowded especially on peak season. Prostitution is quite a problem in this area. Not all GRO’s in the bars have their health certificates so be very careful if you encounter these women. The safest thing for you to do is avoid one.

Famous Destinations in Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera

The leading asset of province is Puerto Galera. It is considered to be one of the world’s magnificent harbors and is popular as Pearl of Mindoro. It is famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches, superb dive site fit for both beginners and professional divers and of course their coral reefs. You sure will be amaze at the beauty you see at Puerto Galera.


The region is so much blessed with nature with their bountiful beaches. You can actually take your pick among the many beautiful beaches in the province. To mention a few, there are beaches in Sabang, White Sand, Punta Guarda, Melco, Talipanan and La Laguna. These beaches attract so much attention from both foreign and local visitors alike for its magnificent sites which are perfect for water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.


Mount Halcon is Philippines third highest peak and is founding in Baco. It is a favorite destination for mountain climbers. Another must see is the Tamaraw falls which is a four hundred twenty-three foot waterfalls found in Barangay Villaflor in Puerto Galera.


It is one of the provinces of the Philippines that celebrate various fiestas and events the whole year through. The following are there most celebrated events:

  • Bansudani festival every January 17 to 19, it is a weeklong thanksgiving ritual for bountiful harvest. They also celebrate their town fiesta.
  • By February 14-15, the locals celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart;
  • March 18-19 is their famous Banana Festival which features street dancing, banana cook feast and a beauty pageant;
  • March 19 is the Sulyog Festival of Bongabong;
  • In April 24 is the Bahag-hari Festival at Pinamalayan;
  • April 25-29 is the Sabutan Festival and Mini Trade Fair in Mabitac;
  • June 24 is the Lechon Festival and Gabi ng Pakulo in Pola;
  • June 29 is the Biniray Festival in Bulalacao;
  • July 25 – 27 Pakapya-agtike Festival in Socorro; September 10 is their Sayaw Lahi in Naujan;
  • October 14-15 is the Kapakyanan Festival of Victoria;
  • 3rd week f October is Pamugu-an Festival;
  • Nov. 26 is the Feast of Santa Catalina in Mansalay;
  • Dec. 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Puerto Galera and Coco Festival in San Teodoro.

Indeed you will get to witness different events every month in different municipalities of Oriental Mindoro. So no matter what month of the year you come you sure will be able to witness a grandiose celebration. If you decide to make the province your home then prepares to celebrate these big events.

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