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Move to Philippines: The Cons

What are the different reasons that people give when they don’t want to move to another country, especially not to move to Philippines?

It is already a given fact that people who do not want to move to a new place will always think of ways why they should not move. There are times however when these reasons are not practical already. Let us discuss some of the possible reasons that people give when they do not want to move to a different place.

First Reason: I do not have the money to move.

This reason is something that people say when they want to avoid moving. In the long run however people would need to relocate in order to live a better life. Moving is something that people could afford if they would want to. If they want to live in a place wherein they would be more comfortable, choosing a place with lesser expenses will make their lives better.

Remember that you always have the option to choose and find a place wherein the cost of living is relatively lower. You might be scared of the prospect of living in a new country but if you would think about it positively, you would realize that it’s rather an adventure that the whole family will enjoy later on. It’s also better if you have more money to spare because there are more things that you can do.

Second Reason: Now is not the right time.

If today is not the right time, when will it be right? It is always a safer choice to stay in your very own home. Especially if you live there for a number of years already. But in the long run, you would be able to adjust to a new and better place. The decision might be something that you will not regret at all.

Third Reason: I cannot leave my family and my house behind.

You do not have to migrate or leave your family behind when you relocate to a different country. You always have the option to bring them along. It’s actually a better choice to bring your family with you because it would be much easier to cope with your new life if you have them with you. Leaving the house is something that should be done in order to find a better life and go on. Always remember that a house is not a home. The home is your family and you should not leave them behind. Every place would become better if you have your family with you.

Fourth Reason: I need to work in order to live.

This is already something that everyone knows. If a person would stop working then he would not have any money to spend. This is something that comes with living in this world. Do remember though that you can work anywhere. In fact there are so many people now who work from home. If you determine to earn money, you will always find ways to do that. Whether or not you are in another country or place.

Fifth Reason: I do not have enough money to relocate to another place.

If you would like to relocate to another place, you would find ways in order to get the amount of money that you need. There are friends and family members who are always willing to help you out. You just have to determine to make it because it will make everything better for you eventually.

Sixth Reason: I don’t understand their language/I am too old to learn it.

Admittedly, it can be very hard especially for adults to learn a new language. Younger people can learn new things better because their minds are still developing. But adults are usually too tired to think about something as trivial as language. It’s a good thing though that there are some countries that you can live in that use English as their language as well. For example in the Philippines, majority of the people there understand English so it would be easier for you to communicate with them.

Seventh Reason: My age.

There are some people who would say that they are already too old to live in another country. They would say that they are already too weak to handle new changes in their lives. There are some people though who would say that they are too young and would need more experience in their country before they can relocate to another place, for instance move to Philippines. Age is nothing but a number. If you would have to relocate with your family, there will be some changes that you will go through. But you will be able to adapt later on.

It’s also not a good idea to reason out that you are already too old because as long as you can still comprehend the things happening around you, then you can still retire in another country. You should learn to do something for yourself. Living and retiring to a new place is something that should be appreciated.

Eighth Reason: I would have to wait for my children to finish school.

If this would be your reason, I would have to ask you why you would need them to finish school? There are some countries e.g. the Philippines that have schools that follow American curriculum. You would just have to inquire about it in your country of choice. Once you find the school, your children will have no problem coping with the lessons. In fact they will be meeting new friends that they can have for the rest of their lives.

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