Metropolis vs Province

Metropolis vs Province: Pros and Cons

Moving to another place is quite a big move to make. It is a big risk and it definitely will bring a lot of changes in your life. But with the right planning things can be easier and even can be of your advantage. Plenty of expats look for a much greener pasture in other country especially in Asia and retiring in Philippines is one of them.

The question most expats raise when planning to move in the Philippines is what is the best place to retire in Philippines. In the metropolis or in the provinces? To help you chose the best location to retire and to make an informed decision, try to consider the following information gathered;

For one, most expats choose to live in the province instead in Metro Manila because they find provincial lifestyle fits better to their taste. Its relaxed environment promotes easy and comfortable living compared to living in Metro Manila where everything you have to do in haste. Living in Manila can be very stressful.

There are a lot of job opportunities in Metro Manila since most of the big companies, financial institutions and even international companies you can find in Manila. The Central Business District that is Makati and the Bonifacio Global City where you find lots of International companies. In fact, plenty of foreign nationals are working in this district. Another business district area is Ortigas Business District in Quezon city that is the largest city in the Philippines. You can find most of the government offices in Ortigas.

Another advantage for foreign nationals if they are living in Manila is because all of the embassies are located in Manila so that if you have any problems with your travel documents, it is much easier for you to get things done. You can easily finish your task if you have to attend to any paper works or any transactions in the embassy.

The disadvantage is that Metro Manila is too populated already. It is too crowded since lots of people from the provinces also come to Manila to find greener pasture. Despite the many job opportunities still not all can be hired. Thus, the rate of unemployment is still high. There are jobs available yet not all are qualified for it.

Another thing to consider is the cost of living. It is quite expensive to live in Manila, but if you have worked and you are earning above the minimum wage then you are fine. If you have a big family then be sure to budget your earnings and do not spend beyond your means if you want to survive in this place. Do not spend on things that are unnecessary if you do not have the extra cash to spend and even if you do, always be careful and invest your money wisely.

For foreign nationals or expats who does not have any family and prefer to retire in the city, they tend to spend their money in other things. Just be careful and do not waste your money on unnecessary things. Some is too confident since their money has big value here in the Philippines, but be careful because there are vices that can be very expensive. Alcohol plus women is indeed expensive.

Another thing that is of advantage to you if you are living in the city is its close proximity to good hospitals, grand shopping malls and nice movie theaters. Also, if you love food tripping then you can find plenty of nice restaurants here from world class restaurants to eateries just down the streets.

But just like any other city in the world, it has its bad things too which can be too irritating and annoying. There can be a long list of why living in the city can be too annoying. Check out the list below and see if you can live with it. If you can then you are probably ready for city living, but if you are not then you are better off to live in the province.

  • Traffic is the number one complains of those who are living in the city. Just look at the news or if you get to visit Manila then experience it yourself. It is just beyond words.
  • Cramped MRT. If you want to avoid getting stuck in the traffic, then you better ride the MRT. Unfortunately a lot of people opt for this option since it only takes a few minutes for them to reach their station. The bad thing is it’s small and cramped and it’s always full except in weekends. Passengers are pushing with each other and there are lots of instances where passengers are robbed without even knowing it.
  • Pollution everywhere. Well it cannot be help. Every developing city has its own price to pay and Manila is not exempted. Unfortunately you will see garbage in most places and floods is a common thing especially during the rainy season.

Now you have an idea what living in the city is so that now you can picture what kind of life you lead in the city. Let’s take a look at what life is in the province compare to city living.

  • Traffic is definitely not a problem in the province. If you are living in provincial cities then you might experience traffic once in a while, but nothing that you cannot tolerate at all.
  • Cost of living is definitely much lesser since the rate of wage is also lesser. Job opportunities are much lesser too that is why most people in the province often go to Manila to look for work.
  • You can definitely breathe fresh air! You can still see green and the surroundings are clean unlike in the city where you can see dirt everywhere,
  • You can find fresh food from fruits and vegetables to fresh seafood at a cheap price.

With all the major points tackled, perhaps this can help you decide whether city or provincial living is for you. Generally most expats prefer to live or retire in the province, for instance living and retiring in Cebu where their monthly pension can go a long way. Aside from living cheap, but living comfortably in the province they can also make a living or start their own business in Philippines by having their own farm or opening their own resort if they were able to acquire beachfront properties. So what would it be for you?

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