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How to Make a Living in Cebu

In fact Cebu island is one of the best option any expat can choose to settle down. It is also one of the best places when it comes to investments. Even before the Spaniards came, Cebu already enjoyed an important role in commerce and trade in Asia because it is blessed with a natural harbor. It accommodates international cargo sea vessels thus the flow of goods from other country is easy and constant.

Its weather is just perfect since the island is not often visited with typhoon and rain is experienced throughout the year. Also the island is safe from natural phenomena like earthquake since it is not within the earthquake belt. Also there is no known active volcano in the island.

Its infrastructure is well developed for the growth of the city and to make the place a hotspot for investors. It has its international airport which connects them to several countries in Asia. Cebu has also a lot of educational institutions and universities which attracts lots of students from other provinces. Thus expect an efficient workforce in Cebu.

All in all, living and retiring in Cebu does stand out thus expats are attracted in the place because of its people, peaceful community, fair weather and of course business friendly atmosphere.

Explore Bogo City in Cebu

Cebu has three highly urbanized cities namely Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City and it has its component cities and municipalities. One of its progressive component cities is Bogo City. It is in northern section of Cebu island. It is about 101 kilometers from Cebu City. Bogo can be access both by sea or land. It has a land area of 10,545 hectares which is about 2.7% of the whole area of Cebu island.

Its land features includes rolling terrain in the northeastern section of Bogo and has a coastal area which runs about 27 kilometers where you can find plenty of coral formations and sandy shore pockets. Its central region is mostly flat coastal plains. Climate in Bogo belongs to the third type of weather where there is no specific dry or wet season. Each season usually last for three months. Generally its dry months are November until May while its wet months are from June till October.

Compared to other places in Cebu, Bogo is warmer in temperature with an average temperature of 27.4 degree Celsius or 81.3 degree Fahrenheit. Their hottest months are usually March, April and May while its coolest months are November, December and January. What is even better with Bogo is that it is well protected from strong winds because of its high mountains.

 What to do in Bogo City

Tourism in Bogo is getting attention from all sorts of tourists. You will find two of the famous shrine here in Bogo which are the Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer and Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. If you love diving then do not miss the Capitancillo Islet where you will be amaze at the rich marine life you find there.

Another spot which attracts a lot of tourists’ especially foreign tourists is the Marangog Cove Resort and Residences. It is a six hectare residential subdivision where you can find amenities like those that you enjoy when you go to a tropical island vacation spot. You will enjoy it since you can easily go to three of the most popular diving site in the Philippines which are the Capitancillo, Kalanggaman and Malapascua. This island is just nearby and is easily accessible.

This residential subdivision has fifty-six lots available with areas ranging from four hundred to nine hundred square meters. Its design or style is just perfect for a vacation residence and even a retirement home. Foreigners who plan to move in the Philippines should see the place. It’s like you are living in paradise where everyday you get to see the beauty of the sun as it rise and the magnificent site of sunset. You will fall in love with its crystal clear blue waters, its white sand and not to forget the playful dolphins that you see out in the sea.

Basic facts about Moalboal

Moalboal Underwater
Moalboal Underwater

Another place worth to visit in Cebu is Moalboal which is in the Southwest coast of Cebu island. Moalboal is considered popular tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourist alike. In fact, it is one of the best scuba diving capitals of the world. Moalboal is just eighty-nine kilometers from the capital of Cebu. You can reasily reach the place by public transportation. Bus ride takes about two and half hours. It’s even less if you have your own private car or van for hire.

Dubbed as the “Diving Paradise of Cebu”, Moalboal has magnificent white sand beaches with beautiful corals and rich marine life. It offers one of kind underwater adventures for those who love to scuba dive. You will see this when you come visit Pescador Island of Moalboal. Another beach just four kilometers from the heart of Moalboal is Panagsama Beach where you will find plenty of resorts, restaurants and dive centers.

Moalboal: Foreigner love that Place

Moalboal Cebu Island
Moalboal Cebu Island

The municipality of Moalboal is just small and you can take a tour around it riding a motorbike or tricycle. Moalboal town takes only ten minutes to reach and in the town you will find several small establishments like bakeries, eateries, their busy local market, fruit stands and just near the sea, you will find their fish market.

Indeed the municipality of Moalboal is small; in fact it is just made up of fifteen Barangays. Its total land area is 7,290.96 hectares and base on 2005 records, its total population is 27,398. The town celebrates several festivals like their town fiesta which is every 16th of May for their patron saint, San Juan Nepomoceno and of course their famous Kagasangan Festival every 15th of May. The celebration is presented through a showdown of street dancing participated by all the Barangays in Moalboal. It will be fun to witness such event.

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island
Malapascua Island

This island is starting to gain popularity among tourist. In fact it is known to be the new Boracay. Its white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters are just perfect for all types of water activities. Malapascua island is in the northeast tip of Cebu island. I can still remember my trip to this island about twelve years ago. The island is just like paradise, untouched and pure. There is not much resort that you find. Only about two to three resorts and restaurants but enough to make your stay comfortable. Today plenty of resorts and restaurants dot the beach of Malapascua just like Boracay. It has several diving centers and resorts for scuba diving enthusiast.

Malapascua island is a favorite among professional divers who love to have their own adventure with Thresher shark. These sharks are big, about six meters but they are friendly and safe to humans. This shark does lives in deep waters yet it shows up regularly at Monad Shoal. This is where you get a glimpse of the awesome Thresher shark at close range.

The locals of Malapascua are warm and friendly. They are eager to help and to show you around. One of the best things in Malapascua is their fresh sea foods. You can actually buy newly catch fish in local fisherman and you can take it to some of the eateries and have it cook just the way you like it. It is indeed one great getaway place.

Badian Island

If you prefer a less populated or crowded island, then Badian island of Cebu would be the perfect place for you. This island is just two and half hours from the capital of Cebu Island. One of the prides of Badian Island is the Badian Island Resort and Spa which you will find in the white sand beach of the island. You sure will experience comfort and elegance living in this resort.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan island is one of Cebu’s must popular destinations. It is one of the few places in Cebu where you get to enjoy the best view of sunrise as well as sunsets. It is one place that you will find peace. The island is just about two to three hours from the heart of Cebu City. You can ride a bus at North terminal or you can hire a van to take you to Hagnaya Port where you can board a ferry going to Bantayan Island. The ferry ride only takes about fifteen minutes

Sugar Beach Bantayan Island
Sugar Beach Bantayan

.Accommodations in Bantayan island fits for all types of travelers. You can find lots of cheap accommodations which is just best for backpackers. The average rates for such lodges are three hundred pesos every night. There are also mid range accommodations which cost from one thousand to three thousand every night like in Marlin Beach Resort and Budyong Beach. If you want a first class accommodation then you can also find one whose average price is around five thousand per night.

Why Tourist love Bantayan Island

Most tourists who come to the island seek for peaceful rest and commune with nature. Water activities are also popular here because the island is also known for its rich marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving is one water activity that most visitors are indulge in Bantayan island. If you want to go around Bantayan island on your own then you can always rent a motorbike for the day and get to explore the island.

Food is always important when you are traveling. The best food in the table is of course seafood since you can get fresh ones here in Bantayan island. There are several restaurants in town like the D’Jungle’s Grill and Buffet and of course Tristan’s Restaurant. It would be interesting to know that most of these restaurants and resorts are mostly owned by foreigners who now make a living in Cebu for good. Most of them have found their love in the Philippines and not only that, they also found the best investment of their money in this country.

Map of Cebu

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