Impressions About the Philippines

Get yor first Impressions about the Philippines

This review has been written for the purpose to give people their first impressions about the Philippines. Especially to those who have never visited that wonderful country. There may be some things that you think you know about this country. However, there are only a few reports about the country from time to time. That’s why many people are still not well informed about the place in general.

If I would only mention positive things about the Philippines supposedly meant for Caucasian men, it is possible that they will be shocked when they arrive in the country only to find out that there are still a lot of things that remain to be seen. For instance, a lot of articles that people would find online would only have positive remarks about the country. It can be such a big surprise for some people when they discover that there are a lot of things that they did not know about it.

Things can be different compared with your country

People who come from the West would probably discover almost immediately that what they consider normal in their country is so much different from the Philippines. This should not come as a surprise because it’s a third world country. But it is different when you get to experience it first hand. In the Philippines, poverty is imminent. And a lot of the country’s population live in poor areas all around the country.

A person who has never been to any far east Asian country before would be able to notice how hot the weather is in the Philippines. However, if you have visited Thailand before, you probably know what to expect already. In the Philippines, it would be hard to take a walk going somewhere without an umbrella because of the heat. It’s also humid too. Not to mention the fact that it can be a bit polluted especially in the urbanized areas. If you would walk without sunscreen and umbrella for less than 30 minutes, your skin would burn immediately. Fair skin is very sensitive to the sun. If you are a tropical lover you would probably enjoy this but if you prefer cold weather then you would not enjoy it very much.

Prices for foreigners can be higher

You would have to note that in the Philippines they would increase their prices just because you are a foreigner. There are also some places here wherein the prices are fixed. That means you can’t negotiate to lower the prices. Mostly those items are overpriced. In these places, the upper middle class usually hang out because they would like to show people how much money they have. They are willing to pay for overpriced things because they can afford it. Do remember though that not all places in the Philippines are like this.

There are also some things that will tend to get overpriced than others. Cab service might cost a bit more especially if you use the airport taxi. There are also some taxi drivers who would try to cheat their customers by increasing the amount of the fare while driving. Some people would also want to give foreigners special services for an extra fee. A lot of hotels are also a bit overpriced even though the amenities are not that great.

For instance, if you would look at your fridge inside the hotel room, you will find overpriced goodies that are just very normal in the country. You can also buy those same items in the nearest convenience stores. These goodies are not freebies. If you take any of the items, you have to pay for them. It’s also the same with Wi-Fi connection. Some hotels would give free Wi-Fi to their customers. But for others you would have to pay extra fees for the pass code.

Many people think Filipinos are always trying to rip off money from them

Most foreigners would like to think that Filipinos are always trying to rip off money from them. In some cases, taxi drivers would try to persuade foreigners to ride their taxis.  Just because they think they can get more money from them. There are also some people who would ask for alms from foreigners for the hope that they would be getting more money than usual.

I think one of the reasons why the infrastructure in the Philippines is not that strong is because Filipinos do not like complaining. They take what they can take and they try to be positive about it. They would like to think that even though they lack a lot of things, they would still be able to get through. However, they do replace their things from time to time. But they only do it when the item is already broken. A lot of infrastructures here are not properly maintained.

If you are planning to buy from the supermarket, you would have to note that some of the food products here are highly inflated depending on the country where the item supposedly came from. A lot of the items from Europe and USA come with high prices. But since most of the people who go to the supermarket can afford it, they buy it anyway.

Filipinos love to to eat and dine out

One of the things that Filipinos love to do is to eat and dine out. Most of the foods that they serve here are inspired by a lot of social influences. There are some Spanish, American, Chinese, Japanese and of course Filipino cuisine. You might enjoy the variety of food that they are willing to serve. Just make sure that you are aware of the places where you should not eat. Some restaurants here have hygiene issues. Of course you would not like to get problems because of all the dirt and bacteria mixed in with what you are eating.

As a tourist, you can live in the Philippines a good life on a poor man’s budget. You could probably spend a bit about 40,000 PhP a month if you are living alone and don’t need Western foods and dining each and every day and go crazy spending lots of bucks on nightlife all the time. Of course if you are willing to settle down here with a Filipina, you could expect your expenses might go up a bit. Your expenses would also be a bit high if you are living in the city. Usually, rural areas will give a much simpler lifestyle. Of course how much money you need to live depends on what kind of lifestyle you would like for yourself.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A lot of foreigners have said that Filipinas are not so pretty. But they are not as ugly as some people project them to be. While it is true that the prettier ones are not that many. Nevertheless you will notice that still some that are really good looking. However, those who are attractive enough may have some hang ups and problems and these might be enough to turn off a lot of foreigners. Those who are good looking usually come from influential families who can usually afford to send their children to school. These people do not need foreigners in order to go out of the Philippines and live better lives.

It is true that if you just want to have some fun, you can go to some night clubs in Angeles City but then, the bars here are not well maintained. It would be better to go somewhere in Metro Manila and see some beautiful Filipinas in the dance floor. Just take note that these people would probably want to have some fun too and would not need any kind of commitment from you. If you would ride a taxi, they would probably assume that you want to get laid. But contrary to popular belief, some foreigners would not want to have sex with Filipina women because of different reasons. Some would just want to enjoy the place and avoid from having problems and hang ups later on.

Many places offer cheap cost of living

Do remember though that there are a lot of places in the Philippines wherein you can live a much simpler life, you would have to look for the perfect place for you. A lot of people are content in reading the newspaper and eating wonderful food away from the hustle and bustle of Urban life.

Even though I was not fortunate enough to travel most of the islands away from the city, I was able to see how simple and beautiful life there is. When you are in those islands, you are away from poverty. As well you are away to experience all the troubles which happen in some parts of the Philippines. If you want to relax and forget all of your problems then you should visit one of these remote islands.

These is merely my opinion on the Philippines, it is possible that a lot of people will disagree with me since I have written mostly negative things about the country. There are some foreigners who have found the lifestyles that they want here and preference really depends on the person.

In conclusion:

Still, with all the things that I have said and all the negative things that I have pointed out, I would have to admit that a lot of Filipinos are very kind and hospitable. They are modest and quite proud of their achievements. Even though it would seem little compared to what other people have already achieved elsewhere. They are generally happy people who stay positive at all times. I would have to say that I admire their ability to laugh and smile. Even though calamities have befallen them from time to time. Others who are living much better lives shouls adapt this attitude.

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