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Check Out Bohol Island – A Must Visit For Real Adventure

Bohol Island is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. This is attributed to the famous Tarsiers as well as the mysterious chocolate Hills. It is also due to start offering a different set of simulation for visitors as well as tourists in the globe. The island of Bohol offers many world class resorts and beaches. It is an island that is located at the core of Philippines in the Visayas region. Bohol Island has been blessed with many shorelines which consist of white sand beaches as well as lovely caves.

Therefore it is a very famous tourist hotspot with countless hotels and resorts. Most of these resorts are playground, Flush Meadows Resort, the Bowl Beach Club, Alona Kew Beach Resort and the Balicasah Beach Club.

Bohol island is a province of Central Visayas. It is the pride of Philippines as it is a great tourist hotspot too. Some of the tourist attractions of this area includes rice fields, amazing view of road from the mahogany forest in Blair, cruise on river Loboc, and view of Tagbilaran City, Philippine Tarsier as well as the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. These are just a few of the available tourist spots to visit.

Activities in Bohol Island

The there are many activities which are identified with Bohol which are allowed in real estate industry and expands in the city. It is this kind of potential which say the undertakings which have come to take centre stage; establishment of resorts and hotels.

There are many several resorts or even hotels for diverse very prominent one are Balicasag Island Dive Resort. In those times when there are low bookings, the minimum stay is 3 nights and on high season it is 5 nights. It has a land area of 25 hectares. Of this area, 1.5 hectares has been constructed and effectively developed. Balicasag Island Dive Resort is also commonly known as Special Interest Resort which is open to tourists ever since 1989 in October. The resort has well ventilated cottages and naturally inspired. You will be served with both local as well as international cuisines at the restaurant.

Panglao Bohol Philippines

Panglao Island is one of the islands in Bohol. This is a long stretch of clear blue waters which have spectacular sights and facilities. This is to make relaxing gateway. The islands itself houses many beaches. One of the prominent beaches is Alona Beach. The most outstanding thing about it all is the eating hubs it has.

There are many restaurants offering different cuisines. This makes it an ideal place to gimmick. One of the other great things about Panglao Island is the shores with its dolphins and whales. Book a trip to go for whale and dolphin watching as well as diving. You can also visit the unique spot where many sea creatures do their things. You can get there with the help of the ever hospitable locals. Watch the whales and dolphins swimming in the beautiful sea.

Explore the Diving Spots

There are many other diving spots which you can check out. This enables you to take a sneak peek of life beneath these clear blue waters.

On shore Panglao island has many accommodation facilities which will satisfy your needs and expectations. This is a perfect spot to lay low when you are still in the business of surveying the beauty of Bohol. The god thing with these resorts is that each and every single one of them has a distinct attractive feature, the uniqueness which will keep you satisfied as a guest.

To give you an idea about great beach resorts in Bohol, below are listed a few of the spots you should go to:

Bohol Coconuts Palms Resort

If you would like to stay in a place that will not make you shell out a lot of money then this is the resort that you should check out. Bohol Coconut Palms Resort is located at Aba-a St. Laya. Baclayon Bohol. The developers of this resort opt to bring quality rooms and great service for not so much money. You do not have to worry about Internet connection because they provide Wi-Fi to their costumers. First class service for a cheap price is always a good thing.

Dapdap Beach Resort

The resort is located at Candabong Anda Bohol. It got its name from all the Dapdap trees surrounding the area. It was developed to become a resort that tourists can truly enjoy. The best thing about the place is the locals who are always helpful. The beach area is great too and can become a very relaxing spot for visitors. If you would like a resort that is far from all the partying then this is the resort for you.

There are many luxury things that you can enjoy in Bohol. You can choose to go to Lost Horizon Resort. However one thing that you need to bear in mind is that fact that the facilities present conforms to your needs and expectations, both budget wise as well as entertainment wise. The price in these resorts varies depending on the amenities available.

Enjoy the Outdoor Activities of Bohol Island

You will find that outdoor activities are very important in this respect. You will find activities like diving and snorkeling present in the resorts and hence you do not need to actually go far to look for them. The island is very accessible and it is a favorite to many tourists in Bohol due to its varied tourist attractions.

Panglao Island has historical, cultural, natural as well as any other major attraction features lie scenic. If you want to go to the famous Chocolate Hills you will find it idea to travel just few minutes to there from the island. Other many interesting spots that you can pay a visit to include Loboc River, Badjan Spring and Busay Falls among many others.

There are many features and note-worthy spots you cannot afford to miss out on. This island provides you with the comfort zone that you really need. Some of the places that you can visit while in Panglao Island include Alona Kew White Beach Resort which is located in Tawala. It is very ideal for tourists as it offers you many adventurous activities as well as diving. One thing that you should know is that Panglao Island is popularly known for its great diving sites. Other islands that are ideal for diving are Balicasag as well as Pamilacan islands.

This is one of the things which make Alona Kew White Beach Resort a perfect place to pay a visit to especially for divers. You can also opt to go sight seeing which a great way to spend your Vacation is also. Chocolate Hills will provide you with the best adventurous venture. You can also watch the 2nd smallest primate commonly known as the Tarsier.

Resorts in Panglao Bohol

Bohol Beach club is located in the Panglao Island. It offers you the best accommodation as well as meals you will really love. During low seasons you can stay 3 nights with minimum stay of 5 nights on the high season. As much as many divers identify with is resort, it is also a perfect gateway for couples or romantic ideas or beach lovers.

Flushing Meadows are located in Dao, Panglao and Dauis islands in the Philippines. It also has a playground and is perfect for couples, executives and families. It offers a wide array of the much needed amenities as well as services which you will really enjoy as a guest.

The good thing about this resort is that it is close to the airport – Tagbilaran city. It is also located in an area that is fond of coral flowers and colored rocks. Panglao Island has many amenities which clearly demonstrate its magnificence as an idea vacation area.

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What is Bohol nightlife like

Many tourists would want to experience a touch of uniqueness. This is through appreciating the wonders and beauty of Mother Nature in warm and tropical ambiance which is the island of Bohol as the best destinations you can ever get to. It is always important to also enjoy some life especially after your day is over. This is where you will see the great nightlife which is as beautiful as the day life.

Pay a visit to Bohol Island

Island of Bohol is widely known for the safety of local residents as well as tourists. It enjoys very low crime rates; this is basically due to the efforts that were made by the government to do away with nightclubs at the beaches. However, it is still one of the hot spots to be in if you are looking for real fun in your vacation. There are many resorts and hotels where you can catch your sleep if you are tired. This is a perfect escape for tourists from their normal workaholic life.

The place has the best food menus, drinks which will help you relax your long day off. All these under the spectacular performance of bands as well as listening to amazing music. This is a perfect place to enjoy paradise on earth.

One of the things that you probably have noted is that Bohol Island is well gifted with many and immeasurable natural wonders which you can best enjoy at daytime. To enjoy some pleasure when staying late at night you can best find it in Oops Bar. You will get all the craze that you wanted to experience to sum up your beautiful and enjoyable vacation in style. This will go on and on until late nights. If you feel like you want some rest, there are some hotel rooms that you can take a nap in. It is an ideal place to enjoy an amazing sunset to sum up your beautiful day.

Useful Guides about Bohol

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Map of Bohol Island

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