Butuan City Mindanao - Guingona Park

Butuan City Mindanao the “Timber City” of the South

One of the reasons why a lot of people knew Butuan City in MIndanao as “Timber City” is because logging is the way of living so many years ago. Unfortunately, there are a few trees there now and people have long ago changed their way of living and their source of livelihood because of the lack of trees in Butuan right now. Some people have said that the tag they have acquired is not applicable anymore.

It is a matter of fact that Butuan is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines. The local government is trying its best to rejuvenate and restore the place. They have even proposed to call it “The Ancient Kingdom”. History is rich in the place especially since it has been one of the most active trading hubs a long time ago.

Butuan is located in the Caraga region in Northeastern Mindanao. It is one of the busiest places in theregion. More than 300 thousand people live in the area. However, even though it is considered a city, it is still not as big as the more well known cities in the Philippines like Cebu in Visayas, Davao in Mindanao and Metro Manila in South Luzon. The amenities you will find in Butuan are not as many as the amenities and services compared with larger cities in the Philippines.

Infrastructure of Butuan City

However, some of the establishments that can be found there are several hospitals and also clinics. There is also a shopping mall in the area as well as other small shops that sell different kinds of items. There are also a lot of restaurants and entertainment venues. Some people can live in this city. However, there are some people who do not consider this as livable as the other cities available within the Philippines.

Butuan City Mindanao macapagal bridgeThe good thing about Butuan is that there is a nearby airport where can people arrive from Manila to Butuan and that can take them to Manila or to Cebu. Some people prefer taking the ferry though going to those places because of the cheaper fee. From Butuan, people can travel to Nasipit which is 20 minutes away. The travel by ferry might take a few days depending on the destination. There are some people who use the highway to travel to different places. It’s a good thing that the roads are well paved. Otherwise the travel would be much longer.

Enjoy the Festivals in Butuan City Mindanao

Like in other places in the Philippines, Butuan also has some festivals that they celebrate. Two of the most popular are the Kahimunon and Balanghai festival. For those who do not know the history of the Balanghai, it has originated from the nine Balanghai boats that were found in the city. From these boats, it is obvious that the city has been used for trade so many years ago. Locals celebrate the Balanghai festival every 3rd week of May. It is not a coincidence that this is also the feast of their patron saint, St. Joseph. May is actually the busiest month in the area because of the stream of events. Most travellers also arrive during May to enjoy with the festivities.

You should note though that aside from the festivals that happens in May, there are less tourist spots in comparison to other places in Mindanao. One of the places worth visiting though is the regional museum. There are also some Filipinos who go to place for the beach spots there.

LIving in Butuan City Mindanao

If you are planning to live in Butuan, you should know that the cost of living there is similar to other medium sized cities around the Philippines. Renting houses and apartments is affordable but buying land can still be a bit pricey. However since you are in the city, you have access to a lot of goods that you cannot find in the provinces. There are so many exotic things that are dropped in the city that can be bought immediately. It’s also a plus that you can drive to other cities in Mindanao and arrive there after a few hours. Actually what really lacks in the city is a major shopping mall like Robinson’s or SM (ShoeMart). Otherwise, the place would be okay.

Weather forecast for Butuan City

Like other cities in the Philippines, Butuan is a rising city. Though it would need some more establishments in order to become well known, it is very easy to live there a good life. It’s history is richer than some other places in the Philippines. In a few years time it will become more developed and complete.