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Bataan Province: Things to know

When you hear Bataan, it hits its mark in every Filipino’s heart since the place is a symbol of freedom and democracy. The province is located in the southwestern section of Central Luzon and is bound in the north by the province of Ambles, west by South China Sea, northeast by Pampanga and east by Manila Bay.

The region is mostly dominated with large upland hills, it is mountainous and the uplands cover about 80.9 percent while the remaining 19.1 percent belongs to the plains and lowland. The areas in the lowland are most agricultural part of the province.

Besides it is one of the most progressive provinces in Central Luzon because it is located right in the heart of the country’s growing triad corridor of SBMA, Metro Manila and Clark Special Economic Zone. The province showed as one of Philippine’s investment destinations. So for expats who want to retire in the Philippines, this place might be one of the best places to be where business and investments are quickly growing.

Historical Attractions

Bataan Peninsula

This is the site where a heroic battle between the Japanese and combined forces of Filipino and American happen. This is where the fierce battle happens to stop the Japanese aggression and delay the conquest of the Philippines. After the battle has been lost to the Japanese, the famous death Marches begins. Many Filipino as well as American soldiers didn’t survive.

Shrine of Valor

This shrine is located at Pilar. This shrine of valor is situated right at the top of Mt. Samat. This shrine is made of concrete and steel. This monument shows the agony of the Filipino soldiers as well as the Americans in taking a stand against the Japanese forces during World War II. The memorial Cross stands three hundred eleven feet high. It has and elevator and a staircase with a total of 513 steps up to the head of the cross. It features a viewing gallery.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

This heritage resort is located at Bagac. This is a one of a kind resort since it is a replica of an old Filipino town with buildings and ancestral home dating back 18th century to early 20th century. You cannot find any power lines or driving lanes, but only cobblestone roads and lamp posts. When you step in this place its lie you are being transported to another time, in fact a hundred years back.

Surrender Site Marker

This site is at Balanga City. This site marker is situated inside the Balanga Elementary School. This location was used before as a command post of Lt. Gen. Homma.

Other historical attractions include Bataan Provincial Capitol Building at Balanga City; Flaming Sword at Pilar; and Francisco Balagtas Monument at Orani.

Man Made Attractions

Angat Hydroelectric Plant

This Plant is found in Angat. It is one of the country’s biggest dam and it supplies energy as well as potable water to the whole Metro Manila and its neighboring places. You can also enjoy boating and fishing in their manmade lagoon.

Bataan Economic Zone

The Bataan Economic zone is one of the most progressive investments the government has. It takes advantage of the area’s accessibility when it comes to ocean vessels. You can find other major economic centers here like the Bataan Technology Park, Petrochemical Industrial Park, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and the Hermosa Economic Zone.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

This power plant is found in Morong. This nuclear plant was built in 1976, but was shortly stopped year 1979. Construction was resumed year 1981 and was finally completed in the year 1983. At the time of President Cory Aquino year 1986, the government decided to suspend operation of the plant following the Chernobyl accident. Up to this date the government continues to maintain the plant at cost of forty to fifty million a year. In year 2007, the management decided to open it to the tourist so it can generate income for its maintenance.

Other manmade attractions include Bataan Export Processing Zone at Mariveles; Pawikan Conservation Center at Morong;

Tourist Attractions

Subic Bay – Olongapo

Subic Bay is a favorite hot spot for beach enthusiast situated 45 minutes from Angeles City. Plan to spend a weekend at Subic Bay lay at the beach from morning till sunset and enjoy some of Subic’s tourist attractions such as Zoobic Tiger Safari and Ocean Adventure or go jet-skiing around the spectacular bay.

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