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What is Angeles City Philippines About?

If you are looking for something different, you may want to travel to Angeles City, located in the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Some people who have been going to this place for a long time know this place simply as “Angeles.” or “AC”.

If you are coming from Manila and you do not have a car, it is advisable that you take a bus from Cubao which is located at the heart of Metro Manila. There will be bus lines there that would take you to Angeles.

To say it frankly, Angeles is a town that has numerous bars and clubs that are geared to entertain people from the west. Those who might think that Angeles is a spot that typical tourists could go to, then do not make the mistake of going there unwarned. Angeles does not have near beaches or land forms that will catch the eye of people. It is more known as a sex tourist spot.

Even though a lot of people would say that there is nothing like Thailand when it comes to entertaining people through the sex industry, this town has a lot of bars with so many different women.

History of Angeles City

The main reason why this has been set up in the first place is because of the US Air Force that was there before at Clark Airfield. It was set up there for a lot of years and people have tried to incorporate that into their way of living. Do remember though that if you are planning to go there that it is very different from the usual streets in Western countries. The streets there are usually uneven and are not very clean. It’s already usual that there are a lot of stray animals walking around uncared for. There are also beggars who line up near the sidewalk if there are sidewalks. People would also want to take advantage of people with money and would try to sell different things no matter how trivial or unwanted those things are.

It is definitely not something that children should visit. If you are touring with children, this is a place that you should avoid at all costs. There are some things happening in the area that might be too much for some people. This place is not for everyone. Some people have tried to go here because of the Mt. Pinatubo which caused so much chaos back in the 90s but since it is dormant as of now, there are also no tours that have been set up around the area.

Where to Find the Nightlife in Angeles City

For more information about the different places you could go to. Here are some places to recommend:

Fields Avenue in Angeles City

  • Perimeter – The bars here are evenly spaced out. There may be some bars that are located too far from each other. It would be best to not check out this place when you are alone.
  • Field Avenue – Probably the place with the most number of go-go bars. The bars are almost side by side with each other. Some people have called this place “Streets” for short.
  • SM Mall – A modern mall that is similar to other malls located in other countries.
  • A Santos Street – There are some bars that are located here although not as many as the bars in Field Avenue.

Getting around in Angeles City Philippines

By this time you might be wondering how you would be able to travel in Angeles. If you are intent on going there then you might consider the following transportations:

  • Tricycles – This might be something that you are not familiar with. it is a motorcycle with a side car which will serve as the place where passengers will sit. Although it normally sits only three on the inside and one behind the driver, some tricycles would be filled up to the roof. Remember to ask for the fare first before boarding so that you are sure how much you would have to pay.
  • Jeepneys – This is a ride that is considered very popular in the country. It is a transportation that is usually long and designed differently. Jeepneys usually seat about 8-10 people depending on the length of the vehicle. It would always be a good idea to inform the driver in advance if you want to drop off somewhere. Minimum fare starts at 8.50 PhP. Beware of pickpockets!
  • Bus – This is only recommended if you are going to ride long distance.
  • Van/Rental Cars or Bikes – If you are confident that you can drive well even with the different traffic system in the Philippines then this is something that you can do. This will give you an advantage because you can go anywhere you would want to. Just be prepared to face the traffic that will come with it.
  • Taxis – There are a lot of cabs circling the area. If you would like to have a personal taxi during your whole stay, you might meet someone who is nice enough. If you do, get his mobile number and contact him whenever you would need him.

Keep safe: Take a Trike to move around

Trike in Angeles City Philippines
Trike in Philippines

Do remember though that for this place, it is usually more recommended to get a trike especially if the distance that you would travel is only short. Remember that about 100 PhP is the usual price to get somewhere although it may increase depending on how far the place is.

It is also not recommended to go from place to place on foot. Just because there are a lot of vacant and empty lots wherein some pickpockets might be lurking in. It would be a good idea to travel in groups although it still might not be safe. Some areas are not safe at all. Avoid dark and deserted areas especially at night at all costs.

Even though it seems that everything about Angeles has already been discussed here, there are still places in Angeles that can be visited. Some of these areas include the following:

Angeles City Philippines: Entertainment District Balibago

Kokomos Restaurant/Bar Fields Ave
Kokomos Restaurant/Bar Fields Ave

This is considered as the heart of the entertainment district in Angeles. There are over 100 bars that people can go to. Since it has been recognized all over the world, different restaurants and hotels have been set up in different areas around this place.

If ever you are still confused with how the places are located, here are some links that will give you an idea about how to go around Angeles city.

Map of Angeles City:

  • http://www.acmap.com/fields.asp
  • http://tomrich.sakura.ne.jp/angeles.html
  • http://www.asianescapades.com/free/interactivemap/index.php

Once in Angeles you can purchase actual maps at places like the Angeles City Tourism office. EZ Map is not a bad choice even it’s not western world standards. Or ask for the free Angeles entertainment map at a place like Kokomo’s Travel Office, or at Hotels. Clarkton Hotel offers a free Angeles City Bar-Guide. This guide is also available for free at Angeles City Tourism office.

If you are planning to go to the areas mentioned above during daytime, you might be surprised. Even though the bars and other establishments are there, they usually open late afternoon to early evening. If you go there earlier, the places would be quiet and deserted. However the place totally transforms at night. It is a hardcore party place when the sun goes down. Since there are so many people that flock the area every night, there are a lot of vendors that are trying to sell different things to foreigners and even to locals.

Do not be shocked when girls who are near the bar doors will grab you to go inside their bars. They can always try different tactics but usually they grab different people and hold them tight. You can always enter any bar of your choice. You can look around first and decide whether you like the place or not. If you are not satisfied with the place, you can always leave. But the moment you sit down, you would have to buy a drink.

If you are a bit hesitant to give tips because they might get offended, this should be the least of your concerns. They have adapted a few traits from the American culture so tipping is quite normal there.

Google Map of Angeles City Philippines

Center map